KB HONG Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week

KB HONG Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 present Homage to the sky with jade Milan Men’s Fashion Week

KB HONG, the iconic Chinese high-end business-casual menswear brand of K-BOXING Group, is among the few Chinese brands to land on the Camera Nazionale della Moda italiana Calendar for the fourth consecutive time in the prestigious setting of the Milan Triennale.

KB HONG presents the Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection “Homage to the Sky with Jade”: a symphony between tradition and the future; eastern philosophy is based on the concept that life and its strength are a gift from nature. Tradition and future are woven together like embroidery threads, infusing the spirit of the East into a new contemporary collection.

The garments designed for this season recall the ancient designs of fish, flowers, and dragons that have been passed down from generation to generation for millennia. Among the most relevant is definitely the embroidery with ponytail horsehair that are woven and worked to create works of art. These exclusive pieces constitute a precious gift to be passed down for generations, with a combination of the lively oriental style and KB HONG’s philosophy.

The art of embroidery is deconstructed and applied with modern design techniques to present a variety of textures and styles such as the well-structured and tailored cashmere coat, the relaxed and soft sweater silhouette. The elegant and casual style of the “revolutionary gentleman” is a mix of vintage and romance, ancient and modern, East and West. 

Wind from the East: tradition and modernity

This season, KB HONG’s collection unites East and West through needle and thread, making two seemingly different styles become one through tailoring skills and stitching. Inspired by traditional Chinese clothes, KB HONG brings new and creative details and silhouettes to classic styles of men’s fashion.

The classic Chinese collar is paired with wide-leg pants or applied to the narrow waisted jacket, biker-style jacket, and light, sporty jacket with an exaggerated, oversized collar. With a mix of textures, seams, color blocks and the use of overlays, KB HONG’s Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection casually uses Eastern aesthetic culture focusing on the needs of the contemporary, cosmopolitan man who loves tradition and timeless elegance.

A mix of Eastern and Western aesthetics: the choice of fine fabrics and sophisticated colors

KB HONG insisted on the use of fine Made in Italy fabrics and materials such as cashmere, silk and wool with comfortable touch, structured fabrics with abstract style, unique jacquards; the presence of gold and silver threads give the garment a refined style.

This season’s color scheme is bold and innovative: colors and patterns presented in an elegant and avant-garde way; KB HONG’s jade color, linked to the key theme “Homage to the sky with Jade” is inspired by Chinese jade treasures while the use of gray goes from dark, transcending a sense of timelessness, to a purple gray, extracted from the traditional Chinese color spectrum, to a slate blue gray. We next find lavender purple and a cool, clear cerulean blue.

From the elegance and simplicity of light beige to the firmness and warmth of saddle brown, the collection seeks to recreate a harmonious and warm layered beauty. With the addition of vibrant colors, such as the symbolic red of K-BOXING and green-blue, or the so-called “mysterious color of the entire universe,” KB HONG is able to bring out the versatility and inner emotions of the contemporary man, both in the pursuit of high-end quality and aesthetic harmony between East and West, redefining the aesthetics of Chinese menswear.

Through the language of contemporary fashion and the symbols of Chinese culture, for the KB HONG Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection explores and fuses Eastern aesthetics and Italian elegance in a unique perspective, re-actualizing the essence of traditional menswear through innovative design that demonstrates the high quality of Chinese menswear. Elegance, fabric quality and modernity are the key words to describe the aesthetic vision of KB HONG. a brand that aims to gain international visibility.

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