AALTO RECODED Fall Winter 2023 at Paris Fashion

AALTO RECODED Fall Winter 2023 at Paris Fashion present “NEW WAVE 004 – REBIRTH”

This season inspiration thrives from the current trend of design-driven and functional urban wear – blended with the meticulous Recoded™ system. Further it is an exploration of attitude that goes sideways with toughness and lowkey elegance.

The collection takes notions from contrasted ideas present in the street, in particular technical sportswear and the evermore iconic menswear classic vintage items for Aalto Recoded Fall Winter 2023

Contrasts are a relevant part of Aalto’s and its creative director Tuomas Merikoski’s general design vision; the exotic Finnishness from their origins and the international Parisian elegance.

The collection is going under a project name Rebirth as it is about revival and newness but approaching the creativity with sustainable vision.

Aalto Recoded Fall Winter 2023 introduces extra sized and unisex volumes with a non-conformist attitude. A new elegance is created into sweatpants using iconic Aalto pleats, fully recycled nylons are covering hoodies, sweaters and shirting introduce new wave outerwear. The denim is rugged with a twist. Other interesting minimal classic pieces include Harris Tweed upcycled jacket, handknit integrated aviator leather jacket, extra-large front pleat corduroy pants and Shetland origin knitwear mix pieces.

New year 2023 does not start without positive impact decisions; for further engagement the collection features a preview of “The Donor Initiative”, a charity project with NGO Planete Urgence. And the presentation featured the installation “A Whole Life” of artist Sila Candansayar.

Aalto Recoded™ Mission Statement

The global fashion industry makes between 80 and 150 billion garments a year, while one garbage trucks’ worth of clothes is thrown away every second. This waste problem is, of course, catastrophic for the environment, but it’s also an opportunity for bold new ideas. Aalto Recoded™ is a step towards a more circular and traceable fashion industry; it’s an experiment in traceability, which hand-picks garments from the past, updates them for the present, and enriches the experience of their future owners.

On the surface, Recoded™ is a luxury upcycling program, where series of vintage staples are updated and reworked for the modern man, or woman. But the platform proposes a much bigger vision: a QR-enabled unique serial number anchors digital data directly to each piece, which when scanned, provides open-source content on each piece’s provenance, material composition, and care instructions. The tag is washable and built to last, and empowers owners to have a deeper, more intimate relationship with each piece. We want to encourage true ownership, by giving fashion lovers permanent, transparent information on their purchases long after they leave the store.

Every piece in the Recoded™ collection is unique, marked by the always unique defining ‘Unica Semper’slogan stamp printed by Aalto’s team of makers.

Aalto Recoded™ is grounded in the belief that when it comes to fashion’s impact on the planet, there is no black or white, only shades of grey. There is no such thing as a “good” or a “bad” material: each and every fabric used in garment production is inherently problematic. What we proudly stand behind is the principle of post-consumer material reuse or recycling: we believe every fashion brand has a responsibility to use as few virgin materials as possible.

In this age of disposable, throwaway fashion, it is clear that we desperately need a better way of engaging with clothes. As a brand, we are part of the problem, but we can also use our platform to drive positive change throughout the industry, by minimizing waste, regenerating garments, and bringing value back to the experience of shopping. Recoded™ is about returning to the values that luxury fashion is grounded in: to craft beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime. We are taking a step back in time, to resurrect vintage pieces that still have a place in wardrobes today, so that we can take a step forward to a more transparent and circular fashion industry.


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