Valette Studio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week


Valette Studio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

 She was 18 when fame hit her. It was claimed that «…her legend was a little more outrageous. Why outrageous? Because success is a tribute to youth and money». Who is she? The heroine of the new Valette collection. She embodies our era : every day is peppered with surprises, heat waves and snow strike concurrently, all destinies can be shaken. She listens to the new generation and wears exceptional pieces.

“You have to move with the times.” The Valette Studio Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection explores all possible antagonisms. Fabrics, lines and silhouettes are engineered together. Details make the volumes vibrate: mother-of-pearl beads, metal studs, precious embroideries inspired by a “lady’s” wardrobe. But her character is layered and fluid. A surprising and confident opulence can be observed. Suits are crossed with uniforms, tuxedo jackets turn into evening shifts, and delicate trousers or shirts turn the clothes soft and the bodies frivolous. Tweed, paper-like silk, rubber-coated cotton, and sporty mesh, among others, enhance this rich feeling.

The collection touches on all senses: sight, but also touch. Blue and black, colours that do not usually match, are combined, while polka dots and stripes form a mosaic that is both spontaneous and formal.

In a word: the collection is out to play. With each fabric and representation. But, true to form, the Valette touch is not forfeited: since the beginning, the Valette signature is about leaving nothing to chance and designing simple, crafted clothes. Valette creates the zeitgeist, its outfit. To a T. The collection celebrates a taste for beauty.

Strangers lived in her home, girls and boys who borrowed her jumpers and her racing cars. A happy collection, about the speed of the world (soft or structured lines, blending forms), gender reversal and delicateness. What if time had come to LIVE?

About Valette Studio

His art of making is an art of living.

Pierre-François Valette loves materials and lines. His designs exacerbates cool, audacity and fluidity. The cuts of are both clean and supple, with a precession on prints, volumes and finishes. His fashion is contemporary and dresses the beings of today: linking antagonisms and occasionally extremes. It’s alive.

A graduate of the Chambre Syndicale, and a former studio employee at Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent, he founded Valette Studio in 2020. In just a few remarkable seasons, he has defined a «casual couture» aesthetic for men and women, willingly gender neutral, spiced with offbeat touches but also with influences from countercultures and even the street.

At Valette Studio, suits have the comfort of tracksuits. The colors, patterns, details and volumes emerge in unexpected ways. Details catch the eye. An accessory (tie, closure, stitching) gives a delicate and highly polished look. Designed for the generation that will take over the world, is over-informed, and in constant mutation.

This fashion offers a new light on contemporary elegance. It goes from the uniform to the suit. It vibrates. Totem figures appear. We find, here and there, references to art and literature. An image of Françoise Sagan, a flower inspired by Andy Warhol’s serigraphs, the attitude derived from David Bowie, and a rage borrowed by current artists. If Valette Studio proposes a sparkling and rigorous ready-to-wear, it’s thanks to a precise glance and hand, an attentive selection of materials, but also a collective operation – in group. It evokes the fashion house and the creative utopia. The workmanship is precise and shared. The garment brings life to an attitude and a dialogue.

A fashion that aspires great freedom.

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