Aelis Couture Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture

Aelis Couture Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture present SUPERNOVA – We are all made of stars

Re-Gener-Action is the mood that accompanies the collection and is the theme treated throughRe-GenerAction is the mood that accompanies the collection and is the theme treated through the continuous exchange between the New and the Old, between the Movement and the Static, between sky and his memory of hearth.

The creation of the collection passes from the emotional gesture that imprinted in the memory goes to look for the hidden side of the logical sequence.

A hidden side that surprises and that refers to the passion capable of Re-Generation.

When the emotional gesture manages to inspire and generate beauty and art, it is also capable to accompany the growth of the ecological awareness that animates and generates AELIS creations.

Very long fringes of glass beads imitate the movement of galaxies and illuminate and reflect the light of a long dress and mini skirt worn with a hoody embellished with metals pearls .

The amazing work of embroideries dated 1920 that overlap the natural organic silk dress, offers a point of view that opens the reflection to the passage of time and the consumption of matter but also to the permanence of the art object.

The dress created and handmade with care and wonder is an object of art and, as such, it crosses time without losing its value.

Sofia works by making very different elements dialogue with each other, creating silhouettes that integrate and go beyond the functional and temporal notion.

Arte Povera of the 70s” that talks about Nature and artificial Images, while inspiring the creation of disconnected or unrelated elements, almost lost in the cosmic void that surrounds them without ever sucking them in, inspires the creation of a punk bomber jacket decorated as a uniform with precious silver ears of wheat created from the mold of species of ancient wheat that Sofia sows and harvests in Tuscany.

The ecological technique of “plissage” inspired by Fortuny made entirely by hand with heat and steam, is an element present in the collection and is aimed at expressing the passage of time as a mark printed in the fibers.

A natural silk satin muslin dress with tiny wrinkled folds accompanied an embroidered tunic.

A vaporous and impalpable evening gown in wrinkled vintage tulle settles on the body like a cloud of steam in shades of green “degradé” from water to emerald .

An oversized hemp sailor tunic is worn on a pearl embroidered mini short combo; Hemp is always present in all AELIS collections and the “Maison” accompanies research and development of this eco-sustainable material.

A bouquet of ancient Capodimonte porcelain flowers and vintage bamboo coral made by Les Interessants ,settles like a precious miracle over an organic silk mousseline dress in shades of red inspired by the color of the energy of the stars.

An antique Tribal necklace of red and white glass pearls strung with coconut thread rests on a nude silk satin dress embellished with an embroidery on tulle with pearls and black stones apply to Aelis Couture Spring Summer 2023.

The engagement of AELIS continues in the casting of the muses present at the fashion show because AELIS does not intend to link the femininity of its creations to the gender of its muses.

The defense of craftsmanship that includes the concept of art, finds in couture and haute couture a form of real expression.

Creating a dress is synonymous, not only of beauty, but also of artistic creation and recognition of the individual value of the work generating the piece of art-couture to wear.

star is the multiverse, star is light, star is beauty. Search in the past what you see in the future, erase the temporal sensation of the present. – To Suzanne

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