RVDK Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture

RVDK Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture


Today’s happening is an invitation for dialogue.

It’s about realness, self expression and new ideas.

A chance to change and opening up our minds.

Can’t you feel a brand new day?

Ronald van der Kemp

Details of RVDK – Ronald Van Der Kamp Spring Summer 2023 Couture Collection :

1. Beaudine Jael, model, Marble jacquard evening gown with appliquéd falling rocks

2. Beaudine Jael, model, Asymmetrical off-the-shoulder jacket with silk tie details Silk cropped cigarette pant

3. Marpessa, friend of the house, Ban fake fur coat from Wardrobe 11 Deep V-neck jersey bodysuit Gold raffia ballgown skirt from Wardrobe 14

4. Marie Sissoko, model who dreams of becoming a top model of the world, Asymmetrical dress with cut out neckline and gold lozenges appliques with mini chains

5. Loes, model and copywriter of an Amsterdam museum, Jacket with handwoven lamé and silk scarf detail Silver lamé pant

6. Loïc Chave, human rights lawyer working on discrimination and LGBTQIA+ issues Hand braided leather goth gown with padded hips

7. Kim Bui Kollar, mom of 3 and style director, who’s work is about shaping visual signatures across brands, editorials, retail and people Deep V-neck jersey bodysuit Glamrock winged striped fit and flare skirt

8. Mae, unclassifiable model, animal lover, vintage collector and owner of a shop at  Saint Ouen flee market: MeiMei Vintage. ‘Project Trashure’ Mini dress made from our newly in-house developed exclusive couture fabric ‘Trashure Trove’, created with discarded fabric remnants and combined with leftover army strips

9. Yume, meaning dream in Japanese, will always follow her dreams. ‘Project Trashure’ Tailored jacket made from our newly in-house developed exclusive couture fabric ‘Trashure Trove’ created with discarded fabric remnants Re-embroidered and embellished black and grey couture jeans Hand beaded bustier

10. Roebyem, an environment advocate who’s into the rescue-the-world-business. For this happening, she loves to being transformed into a living piece of art, as nature in a way, is also living art. Techno Duchesse double breasted robe-manteau Silver couture grillz with dangling stars by @tipikadji for RVDK

11. Zofia Krasicki Fluo pink sculptural double crepe gown

12. Kurtis, eternal traveler who loves getting lost in Paris Crocodile pant made from vintage discarded jeans from Wardrobe 15, combined with a collage short in various denim upcycling techniques and US flag leftovers from Wardrobe 16 All bags in this look are from a collaboration with Adaptism, an art and design lab co-founded by Paul Youenn and Eliott Vallin. They focus their work on the border between fashion, contemporary art and object. By using leftovers from Haute Couture brands they developed unique bags made in Paris for RVDK.

13. Yu Masui, fashion journalist, Double breasted signature robe-manteaum

14. Elsa Marie Pop, an edgy, determined and defined socialite, Deep v-neckline bodysuit Wool crêpe jacket with waterfall collar from Wardrobe 11

15. Anna Hegeman, co-founder Salle Privée, Satin duchess jacket with hand braided detailing Pleated bustier top from Wardrobe 8, Pleated palazzo pants from Wardrobe 14

16. Monique des Bouvrie, interior and product designer Sleeveless vest with shoulder caps and split seams Sequined slouch pant

17. Elisabeth Schep, retired business woman from the medicine industry, Double breasted mini robe-manteau with feather trim from Wardrobe 13

18. Elpina, professional dancer and model, Handmade chain link lozenges dress made from patent leather scraps

19. Mae, Patchwork bomber cardigan in intarsia technique Stars and stripes boots

20. Yume, Hand braided top with hand braided arm pieces Fit and flared crepe skirt with back train

21. Anya Firestone, art and culture theorist, curating high-concept events, tours, exhibitions, dinner parties and campaigns Silk organza and mikado jacket with vintage lace ruffled trims Pencil skirt with silk tie jacquard ruffles

22. Anja Henneman, 90’s supermodel, Mini coat in bonded wool with snail house sleeves in various brocades with cotton velvet cuffs from Wardrobe 15

23. Fama, a model who’s dreamt of becoming a model since elementary school Mixed media draped column dress

24. Kam Hugh, passionate drag queen always going for an edgy and camp look, Silk dress with zigzag cutouts and silk mousseline draped waist

25. Denisa Palsha, American fashion director, editor and TV fashion correspondent, Morphed applique mixed brocade jacket Gold lamé blouse, Jacquard wrap skirt

26. Anderson Lopez, drag queen from Brooklyn, NY, going by the name of Serena Tea, Leather harness with handcrafted ceramic sculptures, Patent leather and latex maxi skirt from Wardrobe 14

27. Ilona, French artist and fashion designer who grew up in Hollywood and loves to collect vintage accessories and create garments, Upcycled wool crepe jacket with giant silk duchess ruffles, Upcycled wool satin pant with satin duchess train

28. Marie Sissoko, Patchwork appliquéd hooded poncho, Leather bandeau bustier, Gold lamé balloon pant from Wardrobe 15

29. Loes, Hand quilted lamé assembled coat

30. Fair Chen ‘Project trashure’, Asymmetrical gown made with assembled hand created flowers made from textile remnants with a silk mousseline bow

31. Declan Chan, stylist, art director and creative consultant, Patchwork bomber cardigan in intarsia technique, Upcycled sleeveless hoodie, Gaucho pant in silk organza embellished with silk mousseline print leftover lozenges

32. Svetlana Degtyarenko, Satin, mousseline and silk velvet gown with mixed media yoke

33. Tyché Agatha, a stylist in a colorful and daring universe, Handwoven silk lamé and lurex jacket with peplum waist, over mousseline halter gown

34. Elias, a storyteller bringing a light tone to fashion through videos and commentary while creating characters through the art of dressing up or dressing down, Leather and nylon puff sleeve bomber, Embellished and appliquéd destroyed pants

35. Beaudine Jael, Embroidered and beaded harness with shoulder pads, Embroidered and appliquéd gaucho jean with Stars and Stripes lining

36. Elsa Marie Pop, Mini gown with hand draped bodice in various vintage mousseline prints with hand pleated mini skirt from Wardrobe 14, Leather biker jacket with various exotic skin remnants appliques and details from Wardrobe 3

37. Estelle Chemouny, French artist and fashion director, Upcycled denim and vintage lace coat dress from Wardrobe 14

38. Beaudine Jael, Upcycled Stars and Stripes bustier, Peek through skirt from vintage Toile de Jouy with vintage lace appliques

39. Jordan Roth, Broadway producer, artist and fashion expressionist, Lamé jacquard opera coat with techno duchess lining Silk cloqué pant with mousseline back train Silk blouse

In 2021 RVDK joined forces with three Dutch sustainability pioneers for ‘Project Trashure’, working on our common goal to find creative, technical and circular solutions to make textile trash into treasures

This season we proudly premiere our newly in-house developed exclusive couture fabric ‘Trashure Trove’, created with discarded fabric remnants, as part of our program to create scalable circular exciting fabric creations from textile trash As seen in look 8, look 9 and look 30

All images RVDK Ronald Van Der Kamp Spring Summer 2023 by Ronald Van Der Kamp

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