Franck Sorbier Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture

Franck Sorbier Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion Week Couture

There are seasons, like this, of slow ripening. Still, I dreamed of going on a trip.

First of all, I wanted to immerse myself in the “Fayoum portraits”, small tablets in wood or canvas painted with wax depicting the faces of the dead. These Egyptian mummies from the Greco-Roman era, found in the Libyan desert, around the Fayoum oasis, still fascinate me today.

A very beautiful story, a theme, which I had already approached during the “Short Stories” 2011 Summer Haute Couture collection, presented at Sotheby’s Paris. Caravanserais, these places intended to shelter caravans and to accommodate travelers, in the East, I found there the desert, ITINERANCE… I was moving little by little towards the EAST.

In the distance, I glimpsed bewitching mirages and a boundless attraction to Orientalism, this great artistic movement of the 18th century, which would reach its peak in the 19th century. A current, still today, celebrated by all the major arts.

HE! Yes!… Didn’t all these tales of The Thousand and One Nights, a tale of Persian, Indian and Arab origin, already make me dream when I presented this beautiful journey during the collection “Les Routes de l’Encens” 2003-2004 Fall-Winter Haute Couture, at the Opéra Comique.

Again, dissatisfaction or uncertainty…? Isn’t Haute Couture that part of the dream that is essential in US and ALL? This dream continued on its way… and this road took me to INDIA.

Franck Sorbier

The color arises, here and there, on the clothes like so many luminous and shimmering bursts, like an alchemy of lyrical abstraction.

The “scarves” or “handkerchiefs” spirit is on all the outfits. It flies and waves with the wind.

The colored silk organzas are superimposed, the shaded muslin plays with the mixture of pigments, the discolored checks, Madras style, in silk organza, deploy an extensive palette of warm and cold.

These are the predominant materials of this collection – Franck Sorbier Spring Summer 2023. This “source” collection required hours and hours of passion. The creations surrender to the depth of experience combined with the freedom of a rediscovered instinct, a quest for the creative and spiritual absolute.

The direction is more and more that of a Couturier Master of Art, where reflection rhymes with emotion. Listen only to your heart and soul for a light, humble and joyful Haute Couture.

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Photographer ©LaurentStephaneMontfort 189photography

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