ALL BENEATH HEAVEN Fall Winter 2023 at New York Fashion Week

ALL BENEATH HEAVEN Fall Winter 2023 at New York Fashion Week present “PROLOGUE”

all beneath heaven by Jimmy Alexander, Jimmy Alexander is a self-taught designer from East Sussex, England. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Jimmy graduated with a joint honors degree in Drama & Theatre Studies and Media, Culture & Society from the University of Birmingham. Following the views of others that he wasn’t a creative, Jimmy explored careers in advertising and entertainment management. But shutting out this creative voice led to a breaking point. Upon a moment of reflection and self-re-evaluation, Jimmy decided to follow his instinct and embrace his creativity. He tried acting for a year then moved to LA to lead brand and culture for a music and art festival.

Emboldened by his new creative footing, Jimmy came to the realization that he had the answer all along; he ascertained how to express himself. The way he dresses affects his mood and his outward demeanor. He realized he could apply his taste, values and perspective in an industry that aligns to his singular vision. Fashion offers a rare opportunity (a little like music), where one can create a world. Further, in that world, the product and brand can be two sides of the same coin. He began creating the world of “all beneath heaven” in May of 2020.

With a belief that dressing can be a conduit toward self-actualization, Jimmy Alexander creates pieces with the intent to earn a lifelong relationship that goes beyond that of subject-object: all beneath heaven.

“all beneath heaven was born from a search for meaning; an experiment for learning. What began as sketching my own ideas for garments started feeling like a mirror of my reading and practice in Eastern philosophy. These melded into a wardrobe that I would want to wear to tell my story; there was no separation of instinctive sketching and a knowing of how all beneath heaven would take form in identity, principles, and meaning; the two came together.”

The aesthetic is playful, poetic, and hyper-real employing classic shapes with exaggerated features and an overall focus on the wearer’s ability to flow. all beneath heaven was conceptualized in Los Angeles and brought to life in South India alongside Vogue 100 Innovator Nishanth Chopra, a leader in ethical sustainability who runs Oshadi Collective, all beneath heaven’s manufacturing partner.

All bespoke fabrics are 100% organic, as are the dyes. Silk thread, metal, and glass are the materials for embroidery. Linings are pure silk; buttons, mother of pearl. All the prints are hand-painted before being engineered for printing and tailoring. Luxury is in the details. The shapes of the garments are inspired by menswear tailoring yet deeply embrace feminine notions -made to work across body sizes, genders, and wearability.

all beneath heaven’s philosophy (values) and its actualization (garments & presentation) are one. Its collections reflect a narrative that is human; they are about looking inside. While the clothes are distinct and loud, all beneath heaven is about paying attention to ‘self’ over seeking attention from others. “Clothes can be a trigger to allow yourself to flow, to find your inner child, to get closer to your big I; your full self”. Through search for meaning, all beneath heaven aspires to translate metaphysical values and universal nature to garments and personal effects. Its quest will be revealed in further ‘Chapters’ (the preferred term for Collection).

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