SIMKHAI Fall 2023 Collection at New York Fashion Week

SIMKHAI Fall 2023 Collection at New York Fashion Week, For the Fall 2023 Collection, when the world feels upside down every day after the one before, and when it’s hard to make sense of work and fun, day and night; creating a collection that felt grounded and connected was the purpose.

Creating a collection with clarity that feels rooted in heritage and with classics at the forefront. Jonathan SIMKHAI explores tailoring from the inside out and celebrates the body through an expertise in craftsmanship. Jonathan SIMKHAI is creating items that last, feel timeless, through an incredible understanding of craft. In a time when it seems the center may not hold, studying the jacket from the inside out felt grounding. 

SIMKHAI is continuing to look at lace. Before the Shah of Iran was exiled, Jonathan Simkhai’s grandfather ran a lace mill in Tehran. Jonathan Simkhai’s connection to his heritage and its expertise in lace has always given so much.

SIMKHAI is using it with organic and abstract motifs, combining lace with a bugle bead technique that follows the organic lines while offering a gradient effect with three different colors of mixed beads and crystals, adding complexity and character to one single garment.

Based on a new SIMKHAI logo, an abstract symbol represents the brand’s shift forward. This symbol is used throughout the collection – SIMKHAI Fall 2023 Collection and most notably with different sized crystals emblazoned on a body hugging sheer gown.

Fluidity is a core value of the SIMKHAI brand and with a continued collaboration with visual artist George Harvey, SIMKHAI is using a liquid like print that is the result of zooming in microscopically into a crystal. Not only using the crystals natural lines and intricacies but also the energy and imagination that they manifest.

Finally, SIMKHAI this season is teaming up with Wolford on an exclusive collaboration applying the brand’s signature techniques and fabrics to an assortment of apparel and bodywear, adding a layer of cohesiveness to the SIMKHAI Fall 2023 collection’s emphasis on celebrating the body and its curves and shapes.

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Credit: Filippo Fior

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