C.P. COMPANY RETURNED WITH A BRAND NEW OFFERING FROM ITS METROPOLIS SERIES SS23, For the SS23 Metropolis Series collection, the implementation of proprietary design language takes its most extreme form by introducing modular shapes to fully adapt to the urban environment: raincoats, jackets and tops can transform through a system of hidden seams and buttons.

In 1999 C.P. Company launched the Urban Protection Range; dedicated to the exploration of the brand’s core technological design language.

Conceived by Moreno Ferrari during his time as head of design of C.P. Company, it featured a series of black Dynafil parkas, each one characterized by different accessories aimed at softening the stress of urban living.

The Metropolis Series takes its name from the first jacket in the original Urban Protection range and also features its iconic branding.

The Metropolis series continues to represent the more purely urban and technological side of the C.P. Company language.

All items are piece-dyed and designed with tone-on- tone badges and branding, hard city colours and modular seamless pockets and hoods that give the collection a cold, robotic hand, consistent with the series’ original millennium vision of urban life.

Worn – or viewed – together with the rest of the collection these pieces create a topographic mosaic of movement between urban and natural environments.

About C.P. Company:

In 1971 Massimo Osti, a young graphic designer from Bologna who would go on to be recognized as the “godfather of urban sportswear,” founded the brand Chester Perry, famous for its screen-printed t-shirts. In 1978 he changed the name in C.P. Company. This drier, more mature name inaugurated one of the most explosive and influential bursts of creativity in the history of sportswear.

Over the last decades the brand has continued to pioneer a connoisseurial hybrid style that combines the functionality of vintage military, work and sportswear with intense fabric research and innovation, heightened by using garment dyeing, a technique which C.P. Company was the first brand in the world to pioneer in the mid-1970s. This hybridization of functional menswear and Italian fabric innovation is the origin of C.P. Company and still today remains the basis of every piece of clothing to carry the C.P. Company label.

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