Wansie a new brand has unveiled it FW23 collection

Wansie a new brand has unveiled it FW23 collection, Wansie is a japanese ready-to-wear line launched in 2019, originating from WANSIE UNIFORM a brand that designs and manufactures corporate Work Clothes and Corporate Uniforms.

Therefore with respect of the history of all workwear the wardrobe consists of items that incorporate various workwear details.

This WANSIE UNIFORM was founded in 2014 by Masahiro Hirota and Shogo Kurihara, the founders, appointing their long-term friend Shinya Kuraoka, an Art Director/Stylist/Designer based in Tokyo and Paris, as Head of the Design Team. Since its establishment, WANSIE UNIFORM have been in a part of countless projects such as the hotel, medical, and construction industries, as well as cosmetic brand uniforms and event staff uniforms for luxury brands etc.

WANSIE ready-to-wear line was inspired by the uniform projects experiencing first-hand the needs and trends in a daily work life, and the mood of the times in Japan. WANSIE collection blends the mood and the technical tailoring techniques of work clothes with a Japanese craftmanship.

Wansie FW23 Collection

Selflessly drawing a picture on the blackboard with chalk. Drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing, and repeating. The contrast between the blackboard and the white chalk eventually fades away like a misty fog.

At last, I have drawn exactly what I wanted. I looked at my hand and saw that it was completely white, as if I had put on a glove. It reminded me of the circus clowns I used to go see with my grandfather when I was a child. I had long since forgotten about the picture I had drawn on the blackboard.

With respect to the history of all workwear, the wardrobe consists of items that incorporate various workwear details.

This season, many items are strongly influenced by fishermen and sailors.

Cable knitwear, which originated as a knitting pattern to represent ropes tying up waves and ships.

Ruffled shirts using scraps of fabric to give the impression of little waves and sea breezes, etc.

Ivory like the sunlight shining through the trees in the afternoon, light blue of the sky and green color like dry moss in winter, like a blackboard after erasing chalk, gradations of hazy black, white, and gray, like a blackboard after chalk has been erased.

This collection expresses WANSIE identity.

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