hai Fall Winter 2023 collection during London Fashion Week

hai unveils its Fall Winter 2023 collection during London Fashion Week

(London, UK) February 2023 – This aſternoon sees the third outing from Tessa Vermeulen’s hai at London Fashion Week, with the brand this time holding court at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in St James’.

Swaying from a traditional catwalk, hai Fall Winter 2023 collection is presented in an exhibition style, honouring the venue’s creative DNA, and the brand’s juxtaposition between simplicity and intricacy.

Hauntingly beautiful live music from Xiaoqiao Wang plays, as satins drape effortlessly across the floor, and beautiful blooms take their place inside imperfect silk-adorned vases. Ceramic trinkets crop up in the most unexpected of places. Swirling iron structures showcase clothes and bags from the collection. A collection inspired by growing up; evolving.

Earlier Hai collections were shaped by our memories, of dressing up, childhood, the clothes our mothers wore. Now for Fall , the season of change, we have shiſted focus from our past to our futures.

This collection is about living in clothes, growing up and getting older in them. The way that garments collect memory and become part of the fabric of our realities. The different meaning that the same dress has when we wear it aged 20, then 30, then 40. Colours are pensive and muted, signature silhouettes and details repeat but are soſter. There is a new gravity.


From their earliest Bamboo and Little Bags, London-based label Hai has grown into a full Hai wardrobe – exploring the possibilities of silk and the brand DNA across clothing, shoes and jewellery.

If silk is the foundation of Hai, then it’s twinned conceptually by nostalgia. Memories of childhood inform every Hai piece. The specific memories of Founder and Creative Director Tessa Vermeulen, and the communal memory of childhood; your favourite necklace from your mother’s jewellery box, the dress you grew up dreaming of. Each season’s designs are not created as part of a standalone collection, instead, they follow the logic of one’s wardrobe. If there is a guiding ethos for Hai, it’s to create pieces you keep on returning to.

Credit of hai Fall Winter 2023 :

Music: Xiaoqiao Wang

Floral Design: Christie Leigh Florals

Ceramics: Mia Kingsley

www.homeofhai.com / @homeofhai

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