“All the world’s a stage,” – As You Like It, William Shakespeare

The performative, transformative nature of dress has always been at the heart of the Harris Reed brand. Clothing can amplify the character of the wearer oralternatively communicate the role, or even gender they wish to portray.

This sense of life lived as a dramatic performance is reflected in Harris Reed Collection 2023 title ‘All The World’s A Stage’ and the theatrical theme runs throughout; from the upcycled theatre drapes that have been repurposed as gold lamé fabric, to the harlequin motif, the show’s setting in the round, and the pure enjoyment of dressing up that these looks celebrate.

Pageant Queens meet Henry Moore in an unlikely splicing of references. The glamour and excess of Pageant costumes are evident in the gold lamé and sequins that are offset with rich black velvet, and accented with crystal embellishments.

In contrast to these high shine fabrications are silhouettes and cut-outs that echo the organic shapes and curving lines of Henry Moore’s works, grounding the pieces in a fluid landscape.

Form fitting second skin dresses are mixed with sculptural elements that give the body entirely new shapes; mini skirts are padded and bulbous, whilst a little black dress is theatrically extended with a sculptural collar that curves dramatically behind the head.

The Pageant Queen’s winning sash is draped and wrapped across dresses, and reimagined as a giant structured shawl. Corsetry is used to play with silhouettes, at some times exaggerating the waist, at others featuring unexpected shapes that appear to be placed off kilter, changing the balance of the natural form.

Harris Reed Collection 2023 February, the demi-couture collection celebrates the process of getting dressed; a sculptural bustier is paired with hip drapes and harlequin tights, apparently awaiting the crinoline skirt that should sit on top, fishtail skirting is upturned, reminiscent of someone mid-change with their skirt fanning out upwards, and a bustier almost reveals the chest, as if put on too quickly and moved the wrong way, capturing a glimpse of deshabille. These moments frozen in time expose a beauty in finding new shapes and parts of the body to reveal, seeing sensuality through different angles.


Fighting for the beauty of fluidity, half-American, half-British Harris Reed designs to create conversation. Growing up with a strong sense of self, Harris Reed was able to quickly understand the transformative power of clothing and its correlation with identity and liberation. Harris Reed’s design process takes inspiration from the current social and political issues that Reed feels most connected to. The work Harris Reed creates is built from assessing the responsibility that fashion has to spark conversation in relation to the injustices that are happening within society today, yet all while staying true to the brand’s ethos that strives for a vision of gender fluidity and inclusivity.

The overall DNA of the Harris Reed brand and personal identity, is best described as Romanticism Gone Nonbinary. It puts the wearer and their fluidity – in whatever way it manifests front and centre. Personally, Reed dresses themselves to invite the looks and stares, to blur the preconceived fault-lines people have about gender and sexuality.

For Harris Reed, fashion is truly revolutionary and has a huge role to play in pushing the world to a more expressive and accepting place – using his platforms to share personal visionary values, to help those seeking acceptance and self-love. Aside from fashion, Harris Reed is also well known for his campaign and relationship with Gucci, as well as being an innovative key figure within the new generation of young creatives, whose work marries genres from fashion, film, beauty, culture and the digital world through a gender fluid lens.

All images of Harris Reed Collection 2023 February by Harris Reed

Credits of Harris Reed Collection 2023 February :  

Introduction: Florence Pugh | Cellos: Ian Burdge, James Douglas | Beauty: Make-Up Look designed by Sofia Tilbury using Charlotte Tilbury Beauty & Skincare | Hair: Ali Pirzadeh @ CLM | Nails: Simone Cummings @ CLM | Styling: Harry Lambert @ Bryant | Casting: Nachum Shonn @ Bryant | Movement Direction: Simon Donnellon | Production: FAMILY | Footwear: LOVE pumps and custom GOVI Boots by Jimmy Choo | Millinery: Harris Reed in collaboration with Vivienne Lake | Jewellery: Harris Reed X Missoma

Sponsors: Charlotte Tilbury, Royal Salute, Lexus UK, Jimmy Choo | Harris Reed Team: Phoebe Briggs, Hannah Sheridan, Tamara Cojuhari, Rachel Wu, Brandon Tan, Edmond Karasony, Rosie Frith-Bell, Tallulah Le Voi, Tijana Sekanic, Nadira Dadajonova, Anca Baraitareanu

Thank you to: Daisy Hoppen, Sherrill Smith, Jessica Batty, Taya Good, Lynette Reed, Nick Reed, Eitan Senerman, Elli Jafari, Mark Wadhwa & 180 Studios

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