Gravalot Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at London Fashion Week

Gravalot Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at London Fashion Week debut Anthropocene Collection.

Gravalot’s Anthroprocene collection for Fall Winter 2023 collection is set to debut at London Fashion Week’s FW23 edition. The Anthropocene collection continues Gravalot’s signatures of mixing military themes and loose tailoring, couture level woven fabrics, crisp silhouettes and highly detailed embroidery.

The collection also sustains key elements of the brand identity including cowrie shells, hibiscus flowers and introduces the new, powerful leopard teeth symbol.

BRAND Gravalot is an Afro-Contemporary menswear label rooted in the historical exploration and progression of black cultures. Founded in 2014 by Onye Anuna and Prince Comrie with a brand ethos built ,  CDaround individual expression and individual responsibilities.

The brand affirmations are:“Self-discovery. Purpose over consumption. No longevity in mediocrity. Dignity in labour. Good to nature. Break the constructs of habit. Learn & unlearn constantly. The greatest secrets are yet to be revealed. The greatest stories are yet to be told – Don’t change, transform.

”Born in Nigeria and brought up in south London from the age of five, Gravalot designer Onye Anuna’s collections are routed in his heritage as well and complex ideas of modern masculinity. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Brunel University, his collections have gone on to show in Paris, Tokyo and London.

His garments are crafted with local artisans using modern and traditional materials adapted into contemporary designs that speak to global audiences. Https://

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