Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection at London Fashion Week

Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection at London Fashion Week

Shadows are not totally black. It has a dark area at the center called the umbria and a lighter area around it called the penumbra, where some light filters through an object. As we developed the 3-dimensional silhouettes on our house model, we took photographs both in the studio and outdoors. Clothes move and are lived in, so we always want to see the collection on the body.

Along with the mix of fabrics and structures within the collection, we were drawn to the elongated shadows in the photographs created under the Bahraini sunshine. So, we began to create a silhouette for Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection that was long, lean, and chic – where skirts and coats graze the floor.

Working with a contrast of dense, opaque cloths and light transparencies to create a wardrobe inspired by our core inspiration of “shared” or “borrowed” menswear pieces translated into a reconsidered idea of seasonal wardrobe dressing. Long-lasting pieces that fit within our client’s wardrobe forever.

For Details of Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection, Column-cut cowl front dresses carry precise cuts and constructions and are as easy to wear as a t-shirt. Classic sailor collars are seen on t-shirt shape shirts or tunics. Leanquilted coats and jackets worn with dresses. Long, languid looks in bias cuts created from soft melton wools. Jackets are cut with precision and shape, often patched together using tones of noir. Paired back designs reflect a 90’s minimal new york scene combined with an understated element of tradition, craft and avant-garde glamour. The familiar made new.

“Creating a collection starts with an inspiration. Sometimes, this might take the form of a single image or thought; but more often, it is a dialogue and the quiet moments in between.”

“A dialogue of ideas and inspirations as fabrics and silhouettes are worked on and we create the collection. Conversations between ourselves, our creative teams and between fabricsand colour, form and function.”

“For Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023, we began our dialogue with images from the french Illustrator Francois Berthoud and his book titled ‘Facsimile.’ First commissioned by Anna Piaggi for Conde Nast’s Vanity Fair, his work soon appeared in all leading magazines, including Vogue, Numero and interview.”

“Beautiful high–impact imagery that blends art, fashion and communication created in tones of black, grey, and browns – this was a starting point.”

“Sometimes we are so busy looking outward that we forget to look inward and this season, we also looked at the things surrounding us growing up. Art, culture and the beauty of our home.”

Quoted from a dialogue between Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa. Cusp: a moment of transition between two states.

Inspired by an original artwork by HE Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa titled ‘CUSP’ (2020) depicting the moment of transition between the sun and the moon, the point where two curves meet. Our love of East meets West. Masculine and feminine, light and shade. The sun and the moon.

COLOURS of Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection :

A dialogue of black.

Noir, Midnight, Chocolate Noir, Charcoal Grey, Sand, Morning Light, Thoube Brown, Metallic Khaki.

FABRICS of Noon by Noor Fall Winter 2023 collection :

A dialogue of textures.

Nylon, Wool Meltons, Dry Wool, Silk, Glased Cotton, Satin Viscose, Linen, Lace, Organza.

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Direction Michael Herz | Style Hanna Kelifa | Hair Chi Wong | Make-up Crystabel Riley | Nails Charly Avenell | Casting Henry Thomas ARQ casting | Music Uwe Doll | Production North Six | FOH L52 Communications, London ; Faux Consultancy, Dubai | Location Royal College of Physicians, London


Direction Michael Herz| Style Hanna Kelifa | Hair Olive Jeanne | Make-up Sophie Leach | Nails Sash Spa | Casting Art Factory Studio | Music Uwe Doll | Film Production I Heart Film | Location RAK Art Foundation, Bahrain

Special Thanks HE Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Founder of RAK Art Foundation

PR Agency L52 Communications London

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