Alberto Zambelli Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week

Alberto Zambelli Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week, The infinite in the ­finite as the elusive concept of in­finity and the ultimate perspective of the void, an anchor point to connect the earth to the sky.

From this concept the In – Finitum collection was born as simplicity and aesthetic order that inspires the act of dressing with a sense of lightness, both mental and physical.

The superfluous disappears and each garment becomes weightless while tailoring broadens the boundaries to a new elegance where formal and informal become one.

A reinterpretation of Hand Value tailoring beyond the formal that preserves the social and environmental ethical principle, through the use of certi­fied natural materials and recycled yarns.

Alberto Zambelli explores the deep tactile darkness of anthracite, black and blue and warms them up with ebony, plaster and musk in a duality between archaic and contemporary.

Alberto Zambelli deconstructs an ancient and minimalist world bringing it into a monotonal Hic et Nunc with silent, changeable and unclassifiable phonemes.

Details of Alberto Zambelli Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection, An alchemy between minimalism and simplicity without ornaments or superfluous decoration in which the principle of each garment is brought back to the essential re­fined simplicity reduced to the extreme.

Shapes, materials and body dialogue in a pure and organic osmosis revealing a discreet timeless charm.

Bold cloth, flannel and cool classic wool from the men’s wardrobe meet silk twill, chiffon, noble gabardine and Kurabo denim, interspersing forms in which masculine and feminine blend in simple, evocative clothes, reduced to their most essential manifestation.

Colours: stone – plaster – musk – steam – ebony – coal.

Shapes: egg – tunic – godet – dressing gown.

Fabrics: cloth – flannel – cool wool – twill silk – gabardine – taffeta – chiffon

Lengths: mini – midi – maxy

Brand of Alberto Zambelli

The brand founded in 2013, the homonymous brand is recognized for its minimal and decorative style, made up of clean and architectural lines as well as the use of noble materials and precious details.

The continuous search for materials, shapes and processes oriented towards high-end Pret-à-Porter and the aptitude for the use of natural materials, have awarded the Designer in 2014 among the 15 talents of Milan Fashion Week.

Alberto Zambelli in these years makes important collaborations in the East, from which he remains fascinated. And so the East becomes the center of new studies of volumes, in which aesthetics and function are one.

The collections translate a contemporary and personal vision of Made in Italy Heritage, designed, created and produced within the Alberto Zambelli Headquarters at Km Zero.

All images of Alberto Zambelli Fall Winter 2023 by Alberto Zambelli

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