Viviers Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Viviers Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week, COLLECTION TITLE: KAROO, “LAND OF THIRTS”

 COLLECTION INSPIRATION:  KARROO, ‘Land of Thirsts, FW23/24 is an exploration of the changing landscapes  of South Africa, framed through our abundance of raw materials and beauty.

I grew up in a family where very little is wasted; food, water, electricity and packaging were always respected. From found materials to natural resources, my parents went out of their way to celebrate, to save, to collect and to re-used things in  our everyday lives. These were the days long before domestic recycling was more  commonplace in South Africa and before water and electricity was considered a  sacred commodity.

KARROO, ‘Land of Thirst,’ is foremost an ode to my parents for teaching me a  conscious approach to living: they taught me how to have respect for things,  how to re-use things, how to take care of things and how-to re-cycle. These tools  became key creative tools in my subconscious being.

The ‘Karroo’, or ‘Land of Thirst’ in the traditional Khoi-San language, refers to a very  large part of sub-Saharan desert in South Africa. What I find most fascinating about  the arid scorched Karoo, is the irony; most of our warm, cozy and luxurious raw  materials (Mohair, Wool, Ostrich Feathers and leather) come from the barrenness  of this land of thirsts.

South Africa has a reputation of duality; BEAUTY in abundance, that  is underlined with massive social and economic challenges. I find  my inspiration in these harsh contrasts.

South Africa is rich, with often overlooked, opulent raw materials. I  believe these sustainable resources could be upheld and celebrated  by a much wider global audience.

Chiaroscuro, an elect of contrasted light and shadow, best describes the changing landscapes of South Africa; both physically  and metaphorically. I ‘cry for my beloved country, (Cry, the Beloved  Country by Alan Paton, 1948) as I protest against institutional and  systematic structures within our government, that hurdles us as  South Africans in our daily practice and living. Load shedding of our  electricity supply, water-shortages and pollution are all challenges  to be overcome.

 As I drive through the Karroo at the end of each year, the unfolding  of a beautiful road trip allows for new Mindspace to return; that said,  if I have not checked Instagram that day.

‘KARROO, Land of Thirsts,’ is inspired by the surreal beauty of the  magical landscape that reveals itself through this scorched land, as  I leave the challenges of the city, a metaphor for global Climate  Change, behind me. Upon my return, I am charged with new vibrance, an inner silence and a cozy, warm optimism.

About Viviers

Introducing VIVIERS, a concept clothing brand that is  numbered in limited editions  and can be made to measure.  Founded by Lezanne Viviers,  VIVIERS offers a unique experience to building a wardrobe.  The brand launched on April 11th  2019 with a showcase at Lotus  House, the By- Appointment atelier that also doubles as a concept  store, offering a selection of pieces.  VIVIERS celebrates the senses  and individuality. The collections  are made by artisans in Johannesburg at VIVIERS Studio, and  breathe the spirit of the city, whilst  attempting to redefine luxury.

Lezanne  Viviers  is a  Johannesburg-based fashion designer and the  founder and creative director of VIVIERS,  a sustainable, handcrafted clothing  brand.

Born in Cape Town, Viviers matriculated from PJ Oliver Art School in Stellenbosch, where she majored in sculpture.  After graduating from the Elizabeth  Galloway Academy of Fashion Design  in 2010, she worked with iconic South  African fashion designer Marianne  Fassler, becoming creative director for  the brand from 2015-2018.

VIVIERS has been featured in Vogue Italia, The Wall Street Journal, Dazed, Kinfolk and other titles.

Viviers values the hand of the  Artisan. Hand woven pieces  are created in collaboration  with the Weavers Guilt in  Pretoria and other artists like  Feathered Fabrics. We have  recently started a new collaboration with Kaross, an  embroidery project which  empowers Tsonga women,  to create unique pieces for  VIVIERS, as well as celebrate  their own cultural narratives  in their work. These traditional skills within our community is what brings us joy.

Viviers’ team comprises of 12 in-house   members, that make-up the creation family and heart of the brand.

Like a motherboard, GLASSHOUSE is the  new HQ of VIVIERS. VIVIERS celebrates  the senses and individuality.

GLASSHOUSE is  a hybrid creative  space where  Art, Artisans and  Architecture are  galvanized to  form the home  of VIVIERS.

The aim of our proposed collaboration is to  showcase the diversity and quality of sustainable  and natural fibres from South Africa by presenting a collection of exceptional and artistic clothing made in collaboration with local South African Artisans.  This yarn-focused presentation is intended to  present to the world the sustainable yarns from  South Africa an instillation showcases garments  crafted to perfection.  This collaboration will highlight pure wool, mohair as well as ostrich feathers with the intention  for South Africa and Italy to build a long-term  trade partnership.

Through collaborating with Cape Wools SA and  Mohair South Africa, this collaboration aims to  resurrect and empower the South African textile  industry. Bringing essential fabrics to the luxury  fashion market.


Lezanne Viviers is a Johannesburg-based fashion designer and the founder and creative director of VIVIERS, a sustainable, handcrafted clothing brand. Before founding the brand in 2019,  Lezanne worked for 8 years in the fashion industry,

becoming the creative director of Marianne Fassler in 2015.  Since VIVIERS has created a name for itself receiving accolades in the sustainable fashion world as well as local and international features and press recognition.




All images by Eva Losada


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