SALVATORE VIGNOLA Fall Winter 2023  2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

SALVATORE VIGNOLA Fall Winter 2023  2024 Collection for Milan Fashion Week presents REGINA at Milan, 23rd February 2023

Salvatore Vignola presents REGINA Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Women’s Fashion Week and pays tribute to woman as a personal expression of identity.

Salvatore Vignola’s Queen is an entity bordering on abstraction, an intrepid and proud woman beyond any conventional definition, inspired by the Black Madonna, Queen of Lucania, the designer’s homeland.

The Black Madonna is a Byzantine statue with a black face, completely gold-plated, located in Viggiano and is a fundamental work as much for Lucanian culture as for Salvatore Vignola, who remembers her as his first, spontaneous approach to art.

The collection tells a story that begins in Lucania and continues in the designer’s personal vision. This royal and ideal queen personifies the figure of woman, turns her gaze to the female models of Salvatore Vignola’s childhood, those who forged his imaginary identity.

Sovereign within the domestic walls, she sits on the throne imposed on her by an agro-pastoral society, anchored in a macho mentality that deems her unfit for work in the fields and stables and therefore excludes her from the economic system. This entity is at once charismatic and compassionate, reclaiming power taken from her by social schemes by ruling the household and directing the family, surrendering her destiny to a vow of motherhood and care.

A dance performance evokes the tale by conceptually recreating an everyday scene.

The steps of the dancers reproduce the traditional games of Lucanian children, and the standing models represent the watchful, vigilant mothers under the watchful gaze of the central figure, the Black Madonna.

The sound of the harp, a typical viggianese instrument, joins evocative electronic sounds to accompany the presentation, thus recalling the contrast between tradition and contemporaneity inherent in Salvatore Vignola’s collection and poetic vision.

REGINA concentrates in itself craftsmanship, elements of religious tradition and references to the contemporary. The late nineteenth-century aesthetic twists denim, dragging it out of its usual use; it is transformed into corsets, maxi-skirts and embellished with special laser workings. The print on recycled lycra brings it back to the present day and reproduces the rendering of goat hair in two color variants, combining classic textures and pop references.

As with lycra, Salvatore Vignola also applies a sustainable choice to leathers: sheep and pony skin selected from food industry waste and treated exclusively with natural dyes.

Accessories for Salvatore Vignola Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection, Accessories complete the quotes: shoes by Haus of Honey and jewelry made using vintage medallions, crosses and horns, objects with ritual value linked to popular culture to local traditions.

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