MAR DE MARGARITAS Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection during Milan Fashion Week

Mar de Margaritas Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection expands the range by introducing two great novelties that complete the collection: an evening part, with sensual and gritty evening dresses, also in plain colours, designed for cocktail parties;  and knitwear.  In fact, Mar de Margaritas decides to give its interpretation of the “everyday look” wardrobe by creating a wide range of knitwear options oversized sweaters and cardigans that match perfectly with romantic dresses or long skirts.

The female body remains the focal point of Mar de Margaritas, which continues to celebrate and respect it with its soft lines and tailor-made workmanship;  for example, the smock that makes the garments adaptable and flattering to any body shape.  The flower, or rather the daisy, is also translated into watercolor-like abstractions, to make the reference to the floral graphically captivating and more whispered.

Belén Rodriguez opens the doors of the heart to a world of sweet memories and timeless style

The MAR DE MARGARITAS garments were conceived and designed with the intention of adapting to every type of body, every curve, every woman;  they do not limit the body, but make it free to move, to assert itself, to love each other.  The flowers, whether literal or abstract, and in particular the daisies, which populate the memories of the Rodriguez family, blend with a creative vision that celebrates and finds a correspondence in the image of a current femininity (and ça va sans dire floral): strong, varied and beautiful in all its forms.

In fact, the creative drive at the origin of the Mar de Margaritas brand lies in the delicacy and purity of memories, where the need to embrace love again becomes an invitation to rediscover dreams, sensitivity and romance, too often set aside.

From this imaginary, a romantic style emerges, with a Provencal and slightly bohemian soul, which takes the form of the precise and conscious choice of models, colors and prints.

All images of Mar de Margaritas Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection by Mar de Margaritas

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