Marco Rambaldi Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Marco Rambaldi Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

We are fasting stars, hungry for understanding. We roam the galactic space in search of confrontations. Supernova ready to explode, it is the metempsychosis of the universe.

And here, in this precise instant, in that moment between the darkness and the infinite possibilities of the soul, we are the bearers of a miracle, in which the journey becomes metamorphosis and dreams come true.

Where the night dies our hopes breathe again, covered in Swarovski crystals light, wrapped in leather and consumed by desire, surfboarding on meteors.

We are witnessing the change from the top of the pyramid, it is the new intergalactic club, it brings you closer to the sky, we are in the temple of the enchanting beasts.

Eroticism of the new millennium, the snake that surrounds the universe is moving, it crawls inside us, it breathes with us, it is a temporary interruption of perception.

The new alchemical codes are branded in the flesh, the symbolic bodies of change come towards you, stargates of hearts, prisms of emotions.

The night as a creative moment and rediscovery of oneself and as Sottsass writes in “Di chi sono le case vuote” only during the night do people truly remember their essence and allow themselves what they have not been able to experience during the day. That’s why we dress up for the evening, to ritualize this moment, an eternal battle with darkness, and a natural instinct to go dancing.

Cocoricò, the iconic club in Romagna (region of Northern Italy), was a sacred pyramid in which darkness and strobe lights, the ugly and the beautiful, night and morning interconnected in a multitude of dancing individuals.

The Cocoricò pyramid as a connection between earth and sky, a portal to the cosmos, stars and nebulae which in the night become one of the central iconographic elements of the collection. Hence the title of the collection Supernova, astral explosion, death of a star but at the same time “source” of life, origin of chemical elements such as metals.

This multitude of chemical elements, their almost alchemical recombination, exposure and formation of new galaxies, results in a print that is done in corrosion on denim and digitally printed on tulle.

And in the night, between evening dressing and the alchemical mystery of the stars, there is also room for a more violent aesthetic close to fetish, which translates into the introduction of leather and a series of silhouettes that enhance and embrace the shapes of the body without hiding them.

The symbol of this rebirth in the night becomes the snake, which represents the will to evolve, change skin and regenerate with one’s own strength, this translates into the collection both as a figurative symbol and as a pattern but also in the reuse and upcycling of tablecloths and doilies vintage assembled in some cases with leather and in others with denim.

The color palette of Marco Rambaldi Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection has therefore been synthesized, in a more essential chromatically collection that goes from red to lilac to black to white to brown, with touches of lime that break up the predominance of warm colors. The black of the fabrics is the sky on which Swarovski crystals applications and embroideries spread out, like in a starry night.

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HAIR: Karim Belghiran for Phyto

MAKEUP: Marco Zita for @mksmilano using Dermalogica Italia

PR Agency REFERENCES Studio Milan

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