Calcaterra Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Calcaterra Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection Present “ The Wave “ at Milan Fashion Week

The natural dynamism of a cyclical movement evolves and continues to grow, shrinks and expands anew.

It is personal, intimate bond between images that cross borders, oceans, and decades, guided by a generating force that is cyclical and never-ending.

Revolution and change have freed women from outdated constraints, redesigning them in high definition.

Character is the sole interpretation.

Shapes are extended and elongated like a wave that, unhindered, increases in strength and volume.

Dreamlike and surreal, it calibrates styles and contrasts.

An aristocratic vision with punk reflections, it designs new individualism.

DO IT YOURSELF. CREATE new contents and REINTERPRET existing ones, no longer as CONSUMERS, but as CREATORS of free visions.

Details of Calcaterra Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection, the choice of patterns and materials is countered by different weights and textures: wool cloth, cotton and silk crepes, graine de poudre, and gabardine, abstract-geometric jacquard and a sophisticated animal print on recycled twill. The color palette is vibrant and ever-changing, with bold, dystonic tones like muddy shades, dusty hues, and reds with texture.

This wave seemingly carries, from one part of the world to another, thoughts and images capable of tracing new codes and defining new contours for a style that changes yet never betrays itself.

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Credit of Calcaterra Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection :

Soundtrack // Thomas Costantin

Hair // HENRY OLIVIER @mksmilano @babylissproitalia

Make-up // GIULIO PANCIERA @mksmilano @dermalogicaitalia

PR Agency Studio Tiss

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