RUI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

RUI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week – Towards the Endless Flow

February 28th, 2023 – A longing to return to the mother makes us find peace in solidarity, with a soft touch that surrounds the body. It leads us towards the homoousia of the body and the outside world – when we were in our senseless infancy, we experienced the same homophonic whole with the external world.

In RUI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection, Rui attempts to create an enclosed private experience by describing the texture of the “shell”. A curved, enveloping structure appears in a soft silhouette, as a symbol of the mother. Figures of the body are hidden by the swollen, three-dimensional shapes, and yet hazily outlined by velvet; the rich touch of wool, mohair, and cashmere brings an intimate warmth and sense of déjà vu; the mossy green and earthy taupe tones reveal the mark of nature in the silence, dotted with foggy, warm colors pulsate, bringing one into a blurred memory.

All kinds of external sounds are suddenly absorbed and eliminated, leaving only the faint noise from far and near that resembles the low rambling of the sea. In this silent meditation, we only need to focus on all the original feelings we touch, experience, and recall, while our chronicles, our past and future, our places in the bargaining of human and nature, will all explode in this eternal space, and then rapidly shrink into a dim point, falling into an endless galaxy.

At Galerie Bertrand Grimont, all the agitation is calm, all the perception is focused on the only mother subject which is clothing, and the white noise conducted by the conch is a constant ambient sound, waiting for the next moment when the boundary vanishes. By then the self and the outside world will be separated again, and the interwoven senses of repression, confusion, and uneasiness will once again form a sense of “pain”.

In the hands of Sati Leonne Faulks, the transparent rigid curtain with inorganic texture was transformed into a kind of unbridled romance; the models walked in this state between living and non-living, leaving the absurdity of inverted colors with the outstanding thumbs down under their feet. Model Jewel has left artistic fossilized snails on her face, echoing this ultimate “authenticity”.

In the silence, this constant past, full of memories, will be filled only with water-stained footprints announcing “I was here”. In the trajectory of everything running around each other, in the randomly played sounds and images from near and far, we will once again think of the tantalizing invitation at the beginning of the story “Eternity and a Day”.

“We’re going to dive to see that ancient city. She had been sleeping at the bottom of the sea for centuries, coming to the surface once a month, just for a little while. When the morning star reluctantly leaves the earth, rests and gazes at it, everything stands still and time stops.

Are you coming?”

Credits of RUI Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection to

Styling: Laëtitia Gimenez

Set design: Sati Leonne Faulks

Videographer: Enantios Dromos

Photographer: Camille Mompach

Casting director: Senem Gunes

Movement director: Breckyn Dávila Drescher

Models: Pe, Anna, Jewel, Ushka, Naïma, Ryme, Ophelie, Fleur, Amelia, Aurelie, Segolene,

Sophie, Yousra, Cecilia, Laury, Kamille

Hair: Toni&Guy

Make-Up: Thierry Do Nascimento

Nails: Eri Narita

Music: Qu Qiu Fan

PR & Production: Radical PR Paris

Copy writer: Binglun He

Sponsor: The Ordinary, Toni and Guy, Refreshments courtesy of Heineken

Location: Galerie Bertrand Grimont Paris

Special thanks to: Enantios Dromos, Fanny Kubler, Héloïse Bouchot, Lou Matheron, Gilles Jacot, Toma Marandeau, Flavie Terracol, Anthony Morineau, Florian Bignon, Lou Boidin, Jill Joujon, Mica Hendricks, Yuki Awano, Manami Seito, Zoe de Rensis, Logane Tremblet, Orane Gousset, Marian Gauta, Eva Gayraud, Hélène Victor

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