Germanier Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

Germanier Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection at Paris Fashion Week

“F*cking Business”

After last season, it was clear that Germanier can do a rainbow explosion.

But can Germanier cut a beautiful blazer? Can Germanier make the perfect black dress?

The answer is yes.

Germanier Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection, This season is all about editing, finding new silhouettes, pushing the business and the creations to the next level. The main inspiration is the future of Germanier : introducing a new logo (made entirely out of beads), more accessories (new iconic shoes, small and oversized belts in pearls and handmade jewellery are added to the complete bags line) and a refined color palette and sharper garments. The attention to details was the main focus while keeping the DNA of the house this season.

We usually expect more and more at Germanier but It was the time for Kevin to show that he has a lot of cards to play in his deck. Germanier can offer a full closet of beautifully made garments.

The world we live in is evolving and so is Germanier. The drive to explore newness was at the core of its collection.

Yet, Sustainability , technology and innovation are still leading Germanier.

Kevin Germanier Would like to thank :

– Christie’s for the beautiful venue of the show in which the collection has been fully enlightened

– Smiley for trusting Kevin creative process and hilight their iconic figure

– The precious help of L’Oréal for their fantastic work on hairstyles this season

– The support of OBO, without whom the catwalk wouldn’t have been as Hypnotizing

– The support of Swarovski for nearly 10 seasons, which has allowed the incorporation of “Reignited Crystals”, so meaningful to Germanier

– Laurastar products for the preparation of his fashion show

– The Swiss Fashion Museum for its advice

– All of the people who helped him creating this collection

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