Patrick Cupid Launches “Letting Go” Fall Winter 2023 Collection

Patrick Cupid Launches “Letting Go” Fall Winter 2023 Collection  

New York, NY February 27, 2023 – Patrick Cupid, an emerging, self-made contemporary fashion designer, unveils “Letting Go,” his ninth collection for the Fall Winter 2023 collection.   “Letting Go” celebrates the freedom of self-release from social conformity and embracing the simple joys of life through personal aesthetics.

The collection forgoes trends for a more classic approach in a focused manner that reflects the individual. Exploring the autumn of self-discovery by shedding the concepts that aren’t representative of the self while expressing a style that begins to define who you are.  The collection will debut in Paris March 5, 2023. 

“Letting Go” collection highlights the colors Midnight Blue to reminisce the wildness of New York’s nightlife.  The colors Dalila, Electrified Orange, and Cream demonstrate a floating symphony and elegant wave of colors.  These colors with floral prints will provide a bold look for the fall and winter.

Patrick Cupid Fall Winter 2023 Collection will integrate designs containing long flowy dresses with seductive cuts in silk material. This collection will also incorporate textured wool, that will top the look off. These designs are hand-crafted providing a chic look. To allow for a nostalgic feel.

“True style is innate and not fabricated. It is a defining characteristic that speaks in a quiet voice not related to trends but to the individual,” says Fashion Designer Patrick Cupid.

The following high-end boutique stores will carry his luxury designs: CityGirl Atelier (San Francisco, CA), Felt (Chicago, IL), EJ On Thames (Newport, Rhode Island), Sandy Glam Boutique (Rhode Island), De-Essentia (Charlotte, N. C.), Shop Boutique (South Carolina), Affaire Estrangers (Paris, France), Wolf And Badger (London, Britain).

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