Desigual X Maitrepierre is Launching New Spring 2023 Collection

Desigual X Maitrepierre is Launching New Spring 2023 Collection, A new horizon, a new 100% sustainable collection

Paris, March 7, 2023 After the success of the previous collaboration during the autumn-winter 22 season, Desigual is launching a new 100% sustainable collection in spring created by the young French designer Alphonse Maitrepierre.

Maitrepierre was inspired by the image of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way – as a metaphor for destruction and universal creation – which was first photographed in 2022. From this shot, Maitrepierre  develops prints reminiscent of nebulae and galaxies.

Two other important concepts in the collection are solarpunk – an anti-dystopia movement that seeks to build an optimistic future with technology and sustainability as its backbone – and jugaad – a Hindi word meaning “innovative repair”.  and that explains processes for refinishing or developing products with minimal environmental impact –.

These philosophies link Maitrepierre’s creative perspective to a founding principle of Desigual.  “In 1984, Thomas Meyer himself, the founder of Desigual, made a jacket, the Iconic, from several pairs of old jeans… This spirit reflects exactly where we are today,” explains Maitrepierre  .  “I believe there is something very pure and poetic about creating, innovating, re-framing codes and creating impact,” he adds.

An important feature of this collection is that it was created entirely with sustainable fibres, something essential for Maitrepierre and essential for Desigual.  The clothes are made with organic cotton or BCI and Naia, a fiber made from cellulose.  All the details have been taken care of: the buttons of the denim garments are recycled, as is the label on the back of the jeans.  Thanks to their sustainable manufacturing process, the leather accessories are certified by the Leather Working Group.

This is why the creation of a positive vision of the future for humanity is the message contained in this collection.  It draws on cosmic inspirations and technological reminiscences, while adopting a sustainable perspective.  In short, a NEW HORIZON.

Pre-launch event at 64 Rue Bonaparte

To celebrate the launch of the collection, a few hours before, the new Desigual boutique located at 64 rue Bonaparte will host a very special event.  Desigual invited many guests, including journalists, stylists, fashion editors and city influencers.  Among them, @clairelaffut, @mv.tiangue, @estellechemouny, @maria_bernad;  @selmakacisebbagh;  @galagonzalez;  and @couturekulten

The Parisian boutique was fitted out in accordance with the new brand image and following the concept of an art gallery, with more minimalist and open-plan spaces.  The collections are presented there according to an aspirational approach: the items are more attractive, the bright colors and the prints express their full personality.  Like works in an art gallery, clothes take center stage, and this creative and inspiring space enhances the shopping experience.

Desigual opened its doors a few weeks ago at 64 rue Bonaparte, in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.  This opening is part of its growth strategy, which plans to open new stores in key cities and premium locations, supported in parallel by a space renewal plan in already consolidated markets.  The one in Paris is part of a series of openings carried out in emblematic places, such as Berlin, in Mitte, and another in Paris, in the Marais, as well as in Singapore, in the prestigious shopping center Ion Orchard.


Desigual is going through a key and promising moment for its future: a renewal of its image, its collections, its spaces, etc.  All based on this philosophy centered on difference, on expressiveness, on the artistry that has contributed to the reputation of the brand for all these years.  With this desire to renew itself while remaining true to itself, the brand aims to seduce a new generation of consumers through new concepts, new silhouettes and a reinvention of the elements that make up its identity.

The campaign Desigual X Maitrepierre

Denim is one of the key materials in the collection.  Maitrepierre imagines it in pale pink (next page, left) to create a multi-position trouser and jacket set: if you close the snaps, it turns into a poncho.  Also in snow bleach denim, a seemingly simple suspender dress with a truly innovative fit and super wide leg trousers, to be worn with the belt tied or loosened to create two different silhouettes.  Three other dresses complete the series of photographs: one, with a trompe-l’oeil at the neckline (in the header of this press release);  another, two-tone with double straps, very original;  and a third, with a cosmic-style print in pink and orange.

Accessories, the key to the collection. Made of responsible leather, the accessories perfectly complement the looks of this collection.  One of them is a reinterpretation in brown and mini size of the iconic Mantis bag, which we could see in the previous collection and during Desigual’s FW22 campaign with Nathy Peluso.  Two other pieces join it: a bucket-style bag and another inspired by the curvy shape of seashells, both with cotton and leather panels.  As for shoes, Maitrepierre merges moccasins and sneakers by creating an original hybrid (and in addition, pink).

The collection also offers another printed dress in fuchsia tones and a black one with straps, a plain black t-shirt and another that reproduces the optical effect of the black and white dress, two crossed mini-skirts – in  pink and blue – a deconstructed sweatshirt, cosmic print jeans, etc.

According to Maitrepierre himself, “It’s a collection very inspired by nature, with colors that come straight from the sky, whether it’s sky blue or this print inspired by images of black holes.  “I find it very beautiful, he adds, that the effects on the fabrics evoke the creation of color from light”.

Desigual and collaborations, an opportunity for dialogue

As a brand open to change and innovation, Desigual has always collaborated with fashion designers and other fields to develop its collections.  For the brand, these collaborations are strategic partnerships that allow us to listen to new voices and discover new visions, in order to integrate new perspectives on fashion.  Mingle with these new creators makes it possible to offer something new and to reach new audiences.  Collaborations are therefore an opportunity to start new conversations, to open new dialogues.

 About Maitrepierre

A graduate of La Cambre in Brussels, French designer Alphonse Maitrepierre founded his brand in 2018 after working with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Acne Studios, and gave it his name: Maitrepierre.

In his workshop in the French capital, he creates ready-to-wear clothing by revisiting the codes of haute couture from an artistic and digital angle, constantly testifying to his inalienable commitment to sustainable development, from the supply chain.  sourcing through textiles and processes.

At less than 30 years old, Alphonse Maitrepierre received the Grand Prix de la Création – 2021 awarded by the city of Paris and is establishing himself as one of the most promising talents on the European fashion scene.  Its collections are presented at Paris Fashion Week.

About Desigual

Desigual is an international fashion brand born in Barcelona in 1984. It is characterized by the singularity and uniqueness of its creations, designed to dress with optimism and authenticity thousands of people who seek to express the best version of  themselves.  The company is currently experiencing a decisive turning point for its future: a renewal of its image, its collections, its spaces… with the aim of attracting a new generation of consumers.  Desigual has over 2,600 employees.  It is present in nearly 109 countries through 10 sales channels, more than 393 single-brand stores and six product categories: Woman, Man, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sport.

All images by Desigual and Maitrepierre

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