Chono Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo


Chono Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo, Season theme – Color the monochromatic world –

Welcome to the world of monochrome, where we explore the very essence of things. Here, information derived from colors is aggregated to portray aesthetics that cannot be visually perceived when color is abundant.

Like classic monochrome movies and photos, textiles and silhouettes are draped in shades of light and shadow. The color tones accompanying this colorless world emit a unique brilliance, adding to its radiance. See the “essence” of clothes in this monochrome world where everything is reduced to its basic components.

Details of Chono Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection

The Glen Check Tweed, the culmination of a technique of arranging various fancy threads, mainly glossy and matte, in a lattice pattern.

Tweed with beautiful tones expressed using plenty of fancy threads that shine like jewels.

Jacquard fabric with a soft puffy weave and geometric star pattern.

Beautiful double-woven fabric, this textile is decorated with hand-printed star-shaped pin dots.

Light but sturdy triple-woven fabric decorated with a dot pattern using heat embossing.

Dotted jacquard that shows complexity with a soft and glossy texture.

Quilting fabric with high-quality padding and a geometric star pattern.

Flower-printed chiffon fabric with an enigmatic nature that seems both real and unreal. The graphic design is based on a photo of flowers.

Ace fabric delicately embroidered with a geometric star pattern.

Chono Concept

The maker imagines the joy of the wearer, and the wearer is moved by the maker’s feelings.

At CHONO, the goal is to create clothing that encompasses the feelings of both the maker and the wearer. This is the basis of “imagine fabrics.” Original fabrics filled with pure bliss, born with the help of experienced and skilled craftsmen.

Providing the special opportunity to add color to daily life through a single carefully tailored outfit. Each garment includes a brand-specific “Descriptive Label” that indicates the people involved in the creation of the garment to convey the importance of Japanese craftsmanship.

Chono Descriptive

The products offer come with a statement of quality different from the usual quality statements, one that expresses a cherished notion. “Made by the Japan Craftsmen” Displaying this mark is proof that the products were made by one of many many craftsmen.

The names of the craftspeople involved in creating each item are written on its label.

For Chono, “made in Japan” means telling the story of how each piece of the clothing was created through a relay of several Japanese craftsmen so that it will be cherished, and believing in the craftsmanship of Japan to protect the Japanese craftsman and leave Japanese technology for the future.

Credit of Chono Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 Collection:

Director : Hiroki Yamamoto

Cinematographer : Takuma Utoo

Stylist : Miki Aizawa (Lucky Star)

Hair & make up : KOMAKI (nomadica)

Music : Sen Hiramatsu (Uni-Phive)

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