022397BLUFF Fall Winter 2023 Collection at Paris Fashion


022397BLUFF Fall Winter 2023 Collection at Paris Fashion, 022397BLUFF Fall Winter 2023 Collection is 002 COLLECTION, THE AVRIL LAVIGNE COLLECTION 2023, While exploring the word idol and continuing to explore where I come from? For designer 022397, he comes from an intangible Miao minority Village, but also from Avril Lavigne. The regional and the non-regional have formed us at the same time.

For childhood and growth, this time Avril Lavigne becomes a symbol, perhaps it has nothing to do with the few / outnumbered, just like every child, who has had emotions, who has chased or not. 002 the AVRIL LAVIGNE collection is a continuation of 022397BLUFF’s unique interpretation of Miao minority culture and the transformation of Miao embroidery elements into visual fashion pieces. Deeply inspired by Avril Lavigne, the collection showcases of designer’s 022397’s childhood memory, depicts a new image to us – MIAO PUNK.

022397BLUFF presented 002 COLLECTION THE AVRIL LAVIGNE COLLECTION 2023 at Paris Fashion Week in a retro Chinese GALA, which consisted of three parts from dance, performance and singing.

The show of 022397BLUFF Fall Winter 2023 Collection starts with a mysterious traditional Miao golden pheasant dance and moves on to a more intense modern dance showcasing Avril Lavigne’s attitude and youthful spirit, gradually portraying the “MIAO PUNK” image that is unique to 022397BLUFF. Three different “hair attitudes” are presented on stage – the ancient long-horned Miao coiffure, Hair hanging dance by Artist Marion Crampe, HAIR HEAD BANGING with a very punk attitude.

The final part was inspired by Avril Lavigne’s songs and featured two singers, Chinese singer Ginger and French singer Poupie, to bring different and moving interpretations of AVRIL LAVIGNE. The show was sponsored by the legendary Guizhou Moutai, and 6 special Moutai LOOKs were also presented at the GALA.

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