Sons of Man Debut Fall Winter 2023 Collection at Toronto Fashion


Sons of Man Debut Fall Winter 2023 Collection at Toronto Fashion – The Future of Menswear

Toronto, Canada – Sons of Man is a new streetwear inspired menswear brand founded by streetwear veteran Patrick Yee. With his impressive background in the industry, Patrick has earned a top spot in Steven Vogels’ book of top 40 streetwear designers. Now, with the launch of Sons of Man, he is taking his design vision to new heights. The brand is built on the belief that fashion should be a tool for self-expression and personal identity, regardless of gender or societal norms.

Sons of Man debuts in 2023 with a streetwear DNA combining maximalism, futurism, deconstruction, and theatrical notes. Sons of Man Fall Winter 2023 collection is masterful in deconstructed proportions and muted and restrained colours, with white, black, and off-white dominating the classic menswear palette.

What sets Sons of Man apart are the silhouettes. They take center stage, exaggerated and voluminous for visual impact and presence. Tailoring is both classic and futurist.

Patrick Yee’s impressive achievements in the streetwear industry include design projects with top names like Nike, Undefeated, Stussy, Swagger, and more. Now, with Sons of Man, Yee is bringing his unparalleled creativity to the forefront. Sons of Man’s aesthetic is a bold, confident take on modern menswear.

“I’m thrilled to finally introduce Sons of Man to the world,” said Yee. “This brand represents everything I love about fashion – creativity, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. I can’t wait to see what people think of our debut collection.”

Sons of Man Fall Winter 2023 collection is already generating buzz in the fashion industry and is a brand to watch in the world of fashion. With Patrick Yee at the helm, the brand is sure to continue pushing boundaries and setting trends.

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