Children of the Discosdance Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

All photos courtesy by Children of the Discosdance

For the second season, Japanese brand Children of the discordance, which has debuted in Milan calendar in July 2020 on the occasion of Milan Digital Fashion Week edition, will present its collection at Milan Fashion Week. The brand will join once again Milan’s digital palimpsest, created by CNMI in response to the current constraint to physical events. “I am very excited to be part again of Milan official calendar and to be able to participate from Tokyo thanks to digital. I wanted to be part of this again to communicate the power of fashion and a feeling of strength and hope. I definitely feel I would like to give continuity to my relationship with Milan.” said Shikama Hideaki, Children of the discordance’s creative director. Challenging the uncertainty and adversity of current times, the collection’s title dawn results from a feeling of struggle and defeat to embrace and communicate a strong sense of hope. “I wanted to name this collection dawn, as I feel that bad things will eventually be over and that there will always be a morning after the night. I also feel this collection somehow represents a new beginning for Children of the discordance. The night is not never-ending.
Night will always transition to a new morning” said the Japanese designer. “In the past months of pandemic, I had the time to jog back my past memories and re-evaluate my perception of fashion in retrospect. I wanted to re-state what Children of the discordance isreally about. I felt something was missing. That made me decide to add in more sportswear elements and to incorporate for the first time in my collection military-wear archives”. AW21 collection will convey a military and sportswear inspiration also in the textile design and in the graphics designs features. Fabrics include vintage 80’s & 90’s cotton, 80’s denim, hand dyeing nylon and double-faced wool fabrics developed in a winter color palette combining black and white with khaki green, maroon and teal. Directed by Keita Suzuki, and titled, as the collection, dawn, Children of the discordance AW21 fashion film, will feature the performance of Tokyo based, worldwide recognised hip-hop artists Hideyoshi and ralph, in AW21 collection. “Hip hop music has inspired me throughout my life and is an important reference behindChildren of the discordance. For this reason I wanted the movie to be focussed on Japanese hip-hop artists and to be shot in the city of Tokyo, which becomes again the show runway”

About: Children of the discordance
Children of the discordance starts in 2011 as a collective of three friends who, between hiphop and hard-core music, create a customised shirt, making the one and only piece never seen before and produce original patches and screen prints for original t-shirts. In 2013, Children of the discordance, whose brand name acknowledges the resistance of the designer to conform with common fashion and music trends, becomes a solo project with Shikama Hideaki continuing on the brand on his own. The vintage bandanas appear first in 2014, used in small parts on the clothing, each with a distinct pattern to make each piece unique and with a unique impression. Since the outset, Shikama has made use of fair-trade materials from EZLN in Mexico and Hirbawi Textile Factory in Palestina for his collections. Children of the discordance works with vanishing archives, taking the pieces apart, chopping them up and preserving the useable parts, and reconstructing into a wearable piece. Today, Shikama sources bandanas from countries all over the world such as from USA, India, Pakistan, France and the Netherlands and uses around 20,000 pieces of bandanas in one year for production, combining them with his own graphics and original textile designs to continue creating the one and only product that expresses his and his creations’ discordance.

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