Eirinn Hayhow Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at London Fashion Week

Each garment in this collection is based on a mushroom, inspired by their colours, shapes and textures as well as their wellbeing properties for humans and our ecosystem. EIRINN HAYHOW creates her own natural dyes, from foraging plants and berries, and reusing fruit and vegetable waste. Everything has been made from salvaged cotton or sustainable fibres such as pineapple leather and hemp fibres. EIRINN HAYHOW has been inspired by mycologist Paul Stamets, his knowledge of mycelium and his wonderful book ‘Fantastic Fungi’.

In MAGIC MUSHROOMS AW21, All garments are made from salvaged cotton fibres and sustainable innovative materials such as pineapple leather and hemp fibres. EIRINN HAYHOW sources her salvaged fabrics from the Pilgrims Hospice end of life charity. She donates a percentage of collection sales to the charity. She sources pineapple leather from Pinatex and her Hemp fabrics locally in the UK.

All her Garments are genderless. She presents a juxtaposition of oversized silhouettes and fitted structures, all incredibly unusual. Soft and playful shapes with an angular punk twist on the edges. This collection has deep earthy tones of browns, greens and purples, with a psychedelic twist! Each garment has been based on a specific mushroom, their colour, shapes and texture, as well as their wellbeing properties on humans and our ecosystem.

Videography / Graphic Design Dream Safari ; Photography Katy Paige Mclean;  Styling Hakan Keppler ; Makeup Artist Marta Merlo ; Hair Stylist Hannah Wallace; PR Hundred Showroom ; Sponsored Buffalo ; London Models Chloe Frame, Sam Simmons, Kane Mcarther, Tara Tighe, Yana Smith

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