Lupe Gajardo Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at London Fashion Week

The inspiration for this collection is to embrace the new way of living driven by the latest world challenges. This new way of living has become a means to change our old ways and appreciate many previous overlooked aspects.

In our case and, as a consequence of this period, we evolved from manufacturing unique occasion pieces to presenting today our first ready-to-wear collection, highlighting the importance of quality, art and personal expression in everyday life.

We used luxury textiles to create loose silhouettes, bringing together maximum comfort and freedom of movement, resulting in pieces that delight all senses.

The technical area becomes a source of inspiration itself as a result of the maturation and priority devoted to our experimental pattern – zero-waste; This entire collection (except for 2 garments), is made from a rectangle or a square. Each piece uses the entire textile cloth (100%) leaving zero waste in its cutting and tailoring process.

The versatility of the silhouettes enabled by our pattern method is related in aesthetic terms to our genderless proposal by virtue of the characteristics provided by the straight lines and tension points, generating oblique fallings and drapes. The final silhouette is defined by the body that supports each piece. This technique can be defined as the antonym of traditional pattern making, which forms and delimits bodies while respecting and highlighting curves and notches. In our technique there are no curves, only straight lines that, due to the characteristics of the textiles and the support, will adopt their fine shape creating symmetrical and asymmetrical silhouettes.

The color palette is energic, elevating the spirit and brightening the days. Red, fuchsia, light blue, a little of black, oranges and details in natural feathers. Clean textures to highlight the nobility of pure wool, cotton, plus a touch of fantasy and shine provided by a sequins embroidered tulle, are the materials chosen to materialize this proposal.

All images courtesy of Lupe Gajardo

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