LYPH Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at London Fashion Week

LYPH takes inspiration from a range of altered ego’s created by its head of state PopEye nix’s. The idea of none conformities ­nished through details that slip between apparel and contemporary. LYPH give’s birth to a collection that can be seen as gender neutral.

References include some of the label’s most comforting creative touchstones: 1980s music and ­lm posters, nightlife icons and legends, and the trans formative power of none symmetrical shaping.

LYPH have teamed up with the British Army, Gortex and DFNS to create a unique clothing line that is recycled, upcycled, sourced from deadstock, modular, sustainable and repellent for the day to day pressures of life. This is a special collaboration between the British Army, RIRI, LYPH, Gortex and DFNS. Four companies coming together to create a new way of designing a sustainable LYPH collection.

All images courtesy of LYPH

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