MAXXIJ Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at London Fashion Week

MAXXIJ’s artistic vision focuses on experimental craftsmanship of design with futuristic and soulful aesthetic. MAXXIJ collection embodies the idea of “act of wearing fashion itself could be an act of art”. The brand aims to create unbridled beauty with forward and fearless vision of fashion.

Graduated from London College of Fashion, Seoul born Korean designer MAXXIJ won “The Best Designer” at Seoul Fashion Week 2020, an made a successful debut at London Fashion Week in SS21 season.

For the 2021 autumn/winter collection, MAXXIJ presents a soul collection called “future blood”. Focusing on menswear structure and conceptualized details, MAXXIJ captured an imagination of a brutal and unbridled beauty of the future generations. Well-known for brave colour contrast and exaggeration as the brand’s trademark characteristics, MAXXIJ suggests a collection that stimulates creativity beyond beauty. The designer says, “I chose fashion as language to express erratic and exquisite point of view towards beauty idea” He drastically threw away the present and past to draw a whole, new beauty for the future generation.

The collection aims to create an imaginary generation with a total, different standard of beauty, that has the district form of mindsets or a frame of thinking. Multi-layered and deconstructed structures of clotches are revealing the future generation’s ideals. Keeping the outstanding identity of MAXXIJ, the designer used the “gargantuan” volume into the clothing with a piece of exaggerations and a sleek and loose silhouette. Like the previous seasons, the designer applied bold colour contrast. for this season, black and beige are used as the main colours with bumblebee yellow and steel blue as accent colours.

Twisted, crumbled, distressed and cracked stitch lines express the designer’s own artistic idea. seemingly melting down collar outlines, repetitive in&out pockets, unexpectedly curves lines, and reversely placed materials are all newly conceptualized in comparison to today’s traditional beauty. To hightlight the idea, the designer tied up and crumbled pockets on top of each other, representing possibly disagreeable beauty as the new kind of beauty.

furthermore, fabrics commonly used in traditional menswear are replaced with functional and technical fabrics such as superlight semi-transparent polyester, utilized with traditional tailoring techniques. A historical military officer coat is recreated with high-quality hand-woven tweed fabric, crating a piece of future luxury.

The World we are facing today is a series of unpredictable events. “Certainly” is not as important as it used to be nowadays. The designer wants to deliver  a message that we all have to be careful of what we are used to, and be optimistic to embrace this constantly changing world. So this collection strongly focuses on the designer’s immediate, instinct design of the future. MAXXIJ is now drawing a new era of the future generation.

All image courtesy of MAXXIJ

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