Alexandra Moura Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

Subversion | s. f. (…) noun 1. Act or effect of subverting vii.turning upside down viii. revolving ix. revolutionizing x. disturbing xi. destructing xii.figuratively perverting; adulterating

Pause, reverse, subvert. The process of creating a garment based on deconstructive actions result in the details of this collection emphasizing its construction and form.

The collection references the 90’s when Alexandra started her Fashion Design studies. These inspirations shaped her aesthetic. The way she looks at fashion and consequently at the garment itself. A mixture of styles and genders where music and the underground scene thrives.

The rebellion of this decade deconstructs the garments. Turning them upside down, inside out, hems, seams and overlock purposely shown. Handmade garment readjustments leave some unfinished touches that are a brand’s DNA staple throughout the collections.

Alexandra’s plasticity and her sketchbooks with collages, tape, drawings and notes merge in a print that gives life and intrigues this subversion.

This collection is based around construction and deconstruction exercises. Bright and acid colors contrasting with pale ones. The subtle behavior of the fabrics, its finishings and details.

Photographer RUI AGUIAR, All images courtesy of Alexandra Moura

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