Annakiki Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

ANИAKIKI fw 21.22 collection inspired by the American film “Source Code”, where the protagonist lives, and lives again, the last 8 minutes of another person’s life in a parallel space. With the feeling of the exploration and thinking of quantum dynamics and unknown parallel spaces, ANИAKIKI 2021 Autumn/Winter collection presents the human fantasies about the universe.

At both sides of the wormhole, folding the space and the time, we are able to see the two sides of ANИAKIKI – explorations of the past and the future. Looking back and view the future for a brand whole new dimension chapter of ANИAKIKI. Through the wormhole we are going to visit four different young cultural scenes, through cultural icons, the symbol fragments of the times, deconstruct the new ANИAKIKI 2021 AW cosmic view.

Scene #1: Millennium Waves

Each era has its own new cultural movement, exploring underground clubs and the secrets of technology and the religions. This time, the wormhole takes us to the boundaries between real and illusory, decrypting the unknown.This chapter is based on Cybergoth, behind Y2K aesthetics and RAVE culture.

Scene #2: The Great Space Age

1960s, the period of The Great Space Age for the US. This chapter traces the modern aesthetics of the universe 60 years ago, deconstructing the modern charm of ANИAKIKI 2021 AW, with the space as the back of the times.

Scene #3: Tape Futurism

 Into tape futurism, the collision of 80s synth pop and gorgeous rock is the spark of Art Deco and rebellious silhouette.

Scene #4: Galaxy Tribe

the wormhole finally takes us back to the end of ANИAKIKI universe and visits the cosmic beliefs from the depths of the exclusive galaxy.

The design uses winding braid weaving techniques,acid universe graphic print,3M retro-reflective materials, 3D shape of the sleeves and volume-sense profile, representing quantum entanglement and parallel space: In this season’s colour palette is discarding the high saturation colours from the past, only to retain the universe’s purest black, white and grey as the base tone, and use the futuristic silver and space blue as embellishment. Retro and futurism metallic makeup with the 60’s braid hair, like a female warrior walking between the future and the past, shuttle back and forth in two parallel spaces. The past and the future, regardless of the civilization of any era, even they are separated by hundred years, in two different eras and spaces, even if they are not connected to each other, energy forms and frequencies will coexist.

From now, ANNAKIKI will use future and technology as the design language, jumping outside the box, Fashion vs Technology to express the key concept of the brand “the two faces of the mirror”. Extend the edge of design, explore more impacts between present and future. Fashion, technology and aesthetic are no more separated but tightly blended together.

All images courtesy of Annakiki

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