Dassuyamoroso Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

°CHAOS: AN ALIEN’S WORLD° would like to represent the CHAOS that dominates our lives. The figure is embodied by an alien that pictures the part of us that is still unknown, restless and obscure. The intent is to face the one’s fears and concerns, the limits that condition our thinking and not to see the other as °different°: we are similar than what we believe.

DassùYAmoroso is an Italian NO GENDER brand, founded by Stefano Dassù and Pasquale Amoroso. The brand is synonymous with freedom and fluidity designed to break down barriers of prejudice and discrimination.

In this perspective the latest collection comes to life, a bold manifesto of INCLUSION: recovering what already exists through upcycling, rediscovering its value and bringing it to light. A REGENERATIVE spirit for a fashion that looks to the future and to the human value it carries within.

Through a process of introspection and analysis, we rediscover a more real dimension of the system, a need for RESPONSIBILITY, we towards ourselves and towards everyone, without exception.

For this reason we define our brand as FUTUREWEAR: a fashion that pays attention to what is to come, to the constant flux of the world. We believe that as designers we have an ethical and moral obligation to at least try to improve things.

All images courtesy of Dassuyamoroso

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