Giuseppe Buccinna Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

For his debut at Milano Fashion Week the young Italian designer Giuseppe Buccinnà is inspired by the works and words of the late Persian poet Abbas Kiarostami, translating in the vocabulary of fashion and textiles the embodiment of a new notion of time that dozes between digital solitude, screen void and hyper reality.

For Giuseppe Buccinnà FW 2021’s three types of different leather, transparencies and geometrical shapes create body assistance tools that intertwine pleasure and materiality, focusing on the brand’s desire to combine technicality and indulgence. Shades of black and green are the TECNOCOTTON raw canvases that support the structure of the cotton fibre, paving the way for a constructivist winter chronicle made of shirts,bras,skirts,blazers,suits,jackets and dresses.

Light thermal nylon garments are paired with the intimate quality of the transparency of stretched tulle and the everlasting warmth of knitwear: the use of different fabrics an ode to the concepts of fluidity and static, the metallic elements in each garment signaling physical and conceptual points of light.

Billiard Green, rust, white and shades of black are the colours that the designer has chosen to reflect on the enticing profundity of scientific simplicity. Fitted garments that clad the body like an armour of lightness and carnality give voice to the designers research that is based on a constant inner dialogue with contemporary art. The accessories are the result of longstanding collaborations with emerging brands: MICHVASCA for handbags and leather accessories and FABBRICATORINO for the eyewear.

All images courtesy of Giuseppe Buccinna

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