Kiton Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

The reminiscences of the Hollywood of the 30’s and the glamour of those world famous stars, are vivid in our minds, even from the days before mass communication. In spite of these flashing images, the Kiton Women’s collection for Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 goes beyond the literal and transposes the sophistication of those years, adapting it to contemporary needs.

What still remains are the enveloping silhouettes and a few hints of colour, while the rest is updated in line with the brand’s DNA.

Today’s concept of elegance is evolving, the glitz that was previously shown only under the spotlight, is now for everyday life. This is the modern meaning of luxury.

The spirit of Kiton Donna is anchored in the male wardrobe, adapting exclusive men’s fabrics to suit women’s needs and perfectly fit with the glam of the 1930’s cinema which inspired this season.

The tailored jackets are double- breasted, lumberjack shirts are turned into outerwear pieces that remind us of bomber jackets and are worn over the clothes,  not underneath; , the dinner jacket and the dress shirt have evolved into bias-cut evening dresses. Cashmere coats are the acme of sophistication: wide, long and oversize, they are in chevron bouclé with checked patterns or in double, lined with a detachable matching mink waistcoat which can also be worn by itself. Silk lights up the looks. Whether printed or plain, we find it in blouses, shirts, long skirts and knee-length chemisiers, as well as becoming an unexpected lining creating colourful contrasts evocative of vintage scarves.

Velvet is a highlight of the collection, with shirt-jackets and wide trousers. Leather and suede add energy: tight pants and pleated skirts or safari jackets are matched with culottes. The pijama, now cool and thought for day-wear, is made of cashmere. Casting aside its origins as sleepwear to become a brand new tracksuit, paired with a sophisticated soft belted jacket instead of the classic sweatshirt.

Lines reminiscente of Bauhaus school are the starting point for patterns that, along with the classic men’s motives (houndstooth, Prince of Wales, herringbone, Donegal), complete the proposal of prints offered in a palette of greys and beiges and an array of warm autumn tones such as chocolate, hazelnut, burgundy, rust and olive green.
Milk white, black and blue are instant classics.

Kiton is a brand that represents the excellence of Italian haute couture. Founded by Ciro Paone in Naples in 1968, the company celebrates the absolute preeminence of quality by promoting the motto “the best of the best +1”: love and passion for beautiful clothing are combined with the desire to create handcrafted creations in which the ancient Neapolitan sartorial tradition is interpreted with an innovative look. With five production sites in Italy, around 800 employees of which over half are artisans, Kiton has achieved a constant path of growth by consolidating its distribution thanks to the 73 markets served and the 56 mono brand boutiques.

All images courtesy of Kiton

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