Maison Laponte Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

Maison Laponte Autumn/Winter Collection is a journey through the decades that tells how changeable, light and fluid we can be. Fashion changes and what is created often tends to disappear and dissolve, only our identity remains, indissoluble, immutable and real.

Vanish is to disappear in excess and not in defect. A multitude of layers and prints as a synonym for a hiding place, safe from the constant chaos of a society that continuously stratifies ideas and new consumer objects. Multiple “I” camouflage themselves, kidnapped by an unconscious homologation, in various colors and shapes; flowers that do not have time to materialize as such, become spots, traces and shadows that find a voice in the colors of the earth such as mud, forest, grapes, flesh and cerulean which in turn manage to find their strength with the encounter of the electric colors of the city: red, orange, black and klein blue.

The lightness of silk crepon meets and contrasts with padded and quilted velvets: maxi dresses in printed viscose and silk and coats in cotton moleskin, eco-fur and wool crepe are the focus that Maison Laponte wanted to express in the entire collection.


Gianandrea Sergi and Benedetta Bertolini were born respectively in 1990 and 1991. He loves Ozzy Osbourne, she loves Francis Bacon. She’s a salad woman, he’s a Cheeseburger man. She drinks red wine, Tuscan as her homeland, he drinks everything. He wears kilts over skinny jeans, she wears mostly black maxi dresses. She steals her sweatshirts, he steals her skirts. She creates prints and scolds him on the colors, he designs the shapes and picks it up on the lines. Together, as well as a crazy couple, they are the founders and designers of Maison Laponte.


Maison Laponte was born during that evening of 2017, when Gianandrea and Benedetta, rambling on for the first time at a Milanese bar counter, wondered: Why men do not wear skirts? Why do women wear trousers? Why do not wear an idea? Why homologate themselves rather than being unique? The following day they woke up side by side and they designed their first collection.

All images courtesy of Maison Laponte

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