Simona Marziali present MRZ Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

MRZ’s Fall Winter 2021-2022 Collection reflects the desire to go out of delimited and protected comfort zones to reconnect with the outside world. Simona Marziali supports the type of comfortable and versatile clothing in vogue in this era, redefining it within a contemporary luxury new concept: the elegant informal.

The intent is to create a delicate balance between practicality and refinement, functionality and femininity. MRZ’s stylistic codes express an elegance with a décontractée allure. The sartorial charm and the most innovative sportswear are represented by clean and essential garments, revisited in a contemporary key and made with precious, tactile and warm materials.

For the new collection, the designer starts from the suggestions of the German artist Paul Klee and from his painting based on abstract characters. He resorts to a careful and studied use of colour and geometric lines and shapes. The palette ranges from sophisticated neutrals to bold nuances: monochromatic greys, burgundy, pastel shades coexist alongside bright and vibrant colours such as lilac and wasabi green.

The collection, based on a continuous dichotomy, is made up of indispensable and at the same time essential garments, welcoming and refined, embellished by the quality of noble fibers and the profusion of details. In the sign of a “rediscovered desire for elegance”, the Fall Winter 2021/22 Collection follows a few, but precise dictates: sportswear is a wave of femininity and grace juxtaposed with the tailoring of the male world.

Sartorial charm and sporty comfort meet, generating an original overlapping of elements in perfect harmony with each other. Knitwear is the real protagonist of this collection: the beating heart of the brand, it emerges from the classic canons and through elaborate and unusual processes, new volumes and original combinations of textures and textures, she returns the vision and style of MRZ. A defined style, mostly monochromatic.

The collection celebrates everyday life through the exaltation of casual design garments, but at the same time looks to the future by consecrating them to timeless pieces, suitable for any type of occasion. Carrying the comfort you are used to wearing, without sacrificing elegance and sophistication is its intrinsic manifesto.


All images courtesy of Simona Marziali

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