Vivetta Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

The surreal world of VIVETTA is not limited to portraying gracefully childlike dreams. It is immersed in a reality in which a vortex of contrasting energy — pragmatism and imagination, rationality and folly— urges us to research a harmonic balance. Nature and the enchanting beauty of flowers offer a light capable of organizing our chaos. Flower petals open as in a miraculous energy flow. Inspired by this symbolism, VIVETTA depicts its creative passage for the FW21 collection.

A floral archive print created in the 1920s is revised in an illusionistic distortion through a manga tale’s graphics from the 1990s. Fleeting and wavy in its flowy signs, this print features vibrant, cheerful, bold, saturated, warm colours — bright yellow, deep green, pink, orange, glistening and lively. Reproduced on nylon pinafore trapeze dresses; inlaid on soft A-line down jackets or gracing midi dresses featuring large candid collars and short honeycomb-yoke baby doll dresses, this print becomes the common thread imbuing the collection with expressive energy.

Trompe-l’oeil and surreal accents, typical of the style of VIVETTA, appear on collars with floral cutouts of grey cloth coats embellished by youthful velvet ribbons and bows; on a soft mohair polo shirt on which an identical one in a contrasting color is applied as if itwere cut for a doll. Blonde or brunette braids transform into laces of a sweatshirt laces or extend from the collar of a crisp white cotton poplin shirt. Miniature sweaters become brooches or are sewn on oversize knits as Lilliputian pockets. A fur coat with fading tulle micro-ruches reveals a heart motif; masculine shirts extend down, morphing into quilted coats; an ample men’s pinstripe jacket is skillfully tightened at the waist to become an hourglass redingote.

Highlighting the artistic side of her creative inspiration, VIVETTA collaborates with Dutch photographer Paul Kooiker to translate her collection into images captured through a dreamy and captivating filter, striking a balance between light and shadow.

All images courtesy of Vivetta

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