Laruicci Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week

LARUICCI’s new season takes on a parallel universe inspired by the magical sensations of dance floor strobe lights and city daydreams. For FW21, LARUICCI gives a look at its soft focus universe with versatile pieces in a technical glam culture clash, exploring the raw energy and soul of the eccentric 00’s fused with nightlife gear from the 90’s dark rave scene. Inspired by the glamour of historical shapes flaunting their blurry reality, the fabrications manifest a contemporary digital twist to express the mood of the moment in a new world.

The new collection introduces the advent of experimental couture pieces. Think twisted corset construction techniques, embroideries applied on sportswear materials and reimagined 3D draping methods. A range of exaggerated shapes and materials, LARUICCI plays with technical waterproof velvets, cut out silk stars, timeless wool checks, recycled nylons, padded cottons, layered laces, stonewashed denims… Mimicking the legendary track Salsa Red by Slut Magic Music from their new release, the 12 inch electric green vinyl record Trauma Queen. Capturing a vivid daydream of the night energy, flashes of Paris shine through the golden lens of 2021 New York City cut with a digital edge. Expressive luxury while staying underground, LARUICCI aims to unleash the most brave version of yourself.

LARUICCI is a New York jewelry brand launched in 2009 by Lauren Ruicci. The brand mixes the codes of luxury with punk and playful inspirations. Following its huge success, she decided in 2019 to expand her universe into Men’s and Women’s ready-to-wear in collaboration with her long-time friend Cem Cinar, who is appointed artistic director of the collections.

This ready to wear line is an extension of the offbeat world of LARUICCI. Inspired by club culture and classic outflits, the collection blends technical tailoring techniques and draped shapes. Expressive luxury while staying underground, LARUICCI readyto-wear is a 24/7 party and the designs aim to unleash the most brave version of yourself.

Lauren Ruicci refined her lifelong love of embellishment and adornment during the years she spent in Italy, where she studied Fashion Design and Art History at Academia Italiana, and then at Polimoda in Florence. Upon her return to New York, Lauren began assisting Italian Vogue contributing editor & legendary stylist Patti Wilson. This exposure inspired Lauren to create her own collection of jewelry under the name LARUICCI.

With designs blending a hazy fog of Berlin Nightclubs, LA house parties, Paris runways, and Tokyo dive bars – LARUICCI is timeless. Continued inspiration from international clientele & collaborations worldwide can be found across the expansive collection of unique accessories. For ten years, LARUICCI has been a part of countless projects featuring artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Janelle Monáe and fashion legends like Christie Brinkley & Pat Cleveland.

Together with Cem Cinar, Lauren Ruicci launched the debut collection of the New York brand with a presentation in Paris and a show during New York Fashion Week. The LARUICCI collection stands on a constant duality between wearability and experiment. Technical details reinforce the straightforward attitude and eclectic look of the collection.

All images courtesy of Laruicci

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