Teddy Vonranson Spring Summer 2021 collection at London Fashion Week

Drawing on 15 years with the company who shaped the identity of American Fashion for the past five decades, Teddy von Ranson aims to define new American classics that capture modern American life; equally influenced by East and West Coast with strong synergies to European discernment.

Once separate and distinct, East Coast and West Coast sensibilities have now merged, and combined with European aesthetics, constructed a new identity; thus the need to redefine American Classics.

Teddy’s vision is anchored in modernity. Following the guidelines he worked with most of his career: longevity, timelessness and style, the collection is rooted in quality and authentic details. Reflecting his consumer’s values of exclusivity and style, TEDDY VONRANSON offers Classics, Outerwear, Tailoring, Shirts and Knits, Fashion Denim, Logoed sportswear and Swim.

Teddy Von Ranson

Teddy von Ranson is an American designer based in New York City. Originally from Canada, he studied in California at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.Teddy moved east at the age of twenty four to work for Ralph Lauren in New York City, where he rose to a senior position in concept and design before moving on to become the Creative Director of Frye Group.

Teddy’s bi-coastal background, combined with 15 years at the company that defined American fashion standards, has helped characterize his general aesthetic and values. This unique perspective compelled him to create a collection that resonates with the modern creative and tech savvy American man; one as much attached to a West Coast surf culture as to the East Coast urban experience.

Spring/Summer 2021


“Finn lives by the sea and the sea lives by him” borrowed from the book “Ocean Meets Sky” by the Fan Brothers.

Throughout quarantine I spent many days walking the shores of Mecox beach and thinking about our world, my life and how I choose to show up. There is something calming and energizing about looking out to that point of infinity where the ocean meets the sky; for me it’s a promise that anything is possible. Walking barefoot in the sand and feeling the tide break at my feet was incredibly grounding in a challenging time. It was my inspiration.

I felt myself drawn to some of the timeless themes of Americana and of our relation to nature; connecting those thoughts to represent the aspirational modern American man.

This collection was directly inspired by my recollections of my daily walks on the beach, the meditative space experienced when looking at the horizon; where the ocean meets sky. From marine layers and patterns to lighter and crisper shades of pebble, shale and driftwood offset by soft hues of chambray blues the Spring/Summer 2021 collection plays with tones of the ocean and its surroundings, the Hamptons beaches, its seascapes and dunes.

Tide patterns – be it from Montauk to Malibu – and the infinite reach of the horizon bring a hopeful feeling and remind us of what is possible.

All images courtesy of Teddy Vonranson

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