MAYYAAGAYEVA Spring Summer 2022 at London Fashion Week

“Burning wonderland aims to provoke further investigation of ongoing exploration of the sustainable design ethos.” Mayya Agayeva

This season, the designer embraces multi-functionality to unveil a unisex collection that explores the connection between the human-nature relationship, which goes beyond individualism. With a muted colour palette, the line offers pieces that respects both the brand’s sustainable ethos and dedication to conscious buying. The collection launch will coincide with a presentation of the new video “Burning Wonderland”.

Agayeva is a graduate of the MA Menswear program at the Royal College of Art in London. She will showcase “Burning Wonderland” collection at London Fashion Week Digital Platform.

MAYYAAGAYEVA is a sustainable unisex gender fluid brand that embraces a genderless and sustainable design approach. Launched in 2020 by menswear designer Mayya Agayeva, the brand was founded on the notion that the only sustainable garments are multifunctional garments that can be reused on different occasions. Therefore, every garment is created with attention to detail and is designed for emotional and physical needs.

All images courtesy of Mayya Agayeva

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