Spyder Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Spyder presents its 2022 Spring/Summer collection based off the motif of freedom from the unknown achieved through the one thing we have total control over., building a series of routine.

A routine is our silent cry of hope and desire towards achieving one’s goals. By building your own routine, you can reach the absolute best condition possible. Spyder reflects this mindset through repetitive patterns, citrus based color schemes, with a mixture of neon and pastel color tones to represent a sense of ‘repetition’ and ‘focus.

This 2022 S/S collection consists of 6 main line ups: lifestyle, techwear, cycle, football, watersports, running and performance. First ‘lifestyle’ portrays our anticipation and desire towards going back to a normal life. With an overall bright color palette portraying a hopeful utopia-like future. ‘Techwear’ directly portrays the stressful, action filled scenery of real-life army battle scenes. Night color palettes with camouflage color schemes brings out the extremity of sports active wear. For the ‘cycle & football’ line imagines a distant future. Futuristic images and graphics inspired by scenes of sci-fi movies and games, mixed with Spyder’s high-performance technological fabrics and materials allowing an outstanding performance-based line. ‘Watersports’ line builds anticipation towards a breezy and comfortable post-new normal age with the overall concept of ‘chilling under the sun’. With an overall color mood of citrus based palettes along with a bold pattern fabric of leopard prints representing a sense of freedom. ‘Running’ shows a desire of togetherness represented through the concept of a ‘crew’. Using conceptual points inspired by rave cultures with neon colors portraying a active and lively movement towards a new normal age. Finally, ‘performance’ line mainly focuses on the mindset of group sports and its freedom achieved through routine activities and concentration. A bold color wave and a simple yet bold cutting line allows for a active yet smooth movement. All images courtesy of Spyder.

All images courtesy of Spyder

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