Numero 00 Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s


“Riccione has always been a reference point for European clubbing, an important cornerstone of this phenomenon linked to dance music, for years it has also been considered the Italian capital of entertainment, origins that must actually be found in the past of this city, for example, when American officers, at the end of the Second World War, came to Riccione to enjoy moments of freedom in what were the first dance halls, often created in the atriums of the few hotels that survived the bombs. Riccione has always had this close link with music, it is in its DNA, it is pure vocation, it is a partnership that has lasted for over seventy years now. “

Numero 00 wants to pay homage to the city of Riccione with a short movie inspired by music, trying to tell, with a series of important visual references, all those architectural cornerstones, those spaces, which have made Riccione famous and which inevitably have become places of memory for all those who have experienced the Riccione nightlife. A musical memory that now resurfaces, more vivid than ever, after a long pause, made up of deafening silence, with a different awareness, with a more conscientious approach. Music is Freedom, never as in this moment the claim takes on a much less conceptual and much more carnal meaning and dictated by primary and ancestral needs that call for freedom of expression.

The Spring Summer 22 collection becomes the evolution of the identifying scenarios and architectures of the city, the colors used are both of naturalistic derivation such as light blue and beige that remind us of the beaches and the sea of the Riviera Romagnola and of nightlife derivation where next unmissable black uniform color par excellence of many musical currents, we find coral red and “tiffany” recalling the eccentricity of Riccione’s dancers.

The fits are fluid and natural, clothes in which to let loose inside until dawn and which accompany and enhance the movements of a generation that has made the dancefloor their stage and music their creed.

From a graphic point of view, Numero 00 used QR CODE technology to transform its garments into music playlists. Listen to your wardrobe, the project that allows you to have a series of songs (from Daft Punk to Moby passing through Frankie Knukles, Alt J and Claudio Coccoluto) curated by designer Valerio Farina with the collaboration of famous DJs and artists, all at scan range

The QR CODES, present on many garments in the collection, brings back to a dynamic and always in progress playlist that will complete the garments by extending them to the soundtrack of our life. Now more than ever, Music and Fashion represent the two sides of the same coin…

All images courtesy of Numero 00

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