Sunnei Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

SS22 Canvas Reality by SUNNEI is a special project where real and unreal, pixels and flash are merged in an oneiric flux.

A paradoxical clash resulting from the combination of Canvas’ digital nature and SUNNEI founders’ urge to act as interpreters of what they have experienced first-hand over the past year. The SS22 Canvas collection reflects a period in which the brand’s headquarter was the only alternative to home and the team members were the only people they interacted with. Taking from this unparalleled situation, the range sees the current SUNNEI team morphing into a set of 3D avatars modelling the collection, coming to life through an immersive audio-visual experience blurring the lines between reality and technology. From June 19th to June 27th, the label’s freshly inaugurated space at Palazzina Sunnei becomes the scenario of this surreal itinerary.

Building upon Canvas’ raison d’être as “a parallel line providing a collection of blank signature pieces for retailers to customise to their liking by selecting textiles, colours, shapes and other details through a dedicated digital platform”, in this third edition SUNNEI is extending the customising experience to final clients for the first time ever. A dedicated virtual platform allows the brand’s worldwide audience to personalize a special range of products, while the Milanese network is invited to book a personal appointment at Palazzina Sunnei.

Entering the showroom is accessing a parallel reality: screens, mirrors, glass structures and a special soundtrack produced by SUNNEI’s long-time collaborator Tocci transport guests into a trans-media and multi-sensory journey.

On the one hand, those elements that used to be virtual become real – the virtual blank items that buyers used to approach online were developed into an actual total-white sample collection – on the other, the digital DNA of Canvas gets more evident than ever – majestic led walls feature the 3D version of each SUNNEI team member interacting with guests through rambling discourses.

Therefore, the showroom is conceived as a place where all the facets of the SS22 Canvas Reality by SUNNEI come together. While buyers explore the SS22 Canvas collection, community and final clients can visit the space and experiment by personalising a selection of items which they can eventually purchase and receive two weeks later.

As far as the collection is concerned, the idea was to elevate the brand’s signature pieces through an ever increasing attention to details, while enhancing the label’s most recognizable characteristics such as stripes, colours and prints. This approach was infused to the collection by features like the increase of possible prints to select (logos can be small, big or embroidered; EVERYDAY I WEAR SUNNEI is available in four different iteration and it can be printed on the back of t-shirts).

For the first time, even knitwear can be customised by selecting the type of knit technique buyers prefer. SUNNEI’s idea that sustainability can be found in innovation is manifested through a growing care for optimization as in the double-sided finishing of some fabrics – such as denim and nylon. New models are presented in the accessories section – as the Sabot and Nunchaku Bag. Other styles – like Flip Flop Dreamy Shoes, Mule Buco Shoes and Mule Dreamy Shoes – are reinvented. Lastly, pieces that were not previously included in Canvas make an appearance (as the Peso Bag).

All images courtesy of SUNNEI

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