GmbH Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

“The system was invisible, which made it all the more impressive, all the more disquieting to deal with.”

 ― Don DeLillo, “White Noise”

white noise | wʌɪt nɔɪz | noun [mass noun] Physics 1 noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. 2 a sound that helps a person sleep. 3 when white people wonÊt stop talking about being discriminated against for being white, so they just fade into the background and you donÊt notice it. 4 a book by Don DeLillo published in 1985.

whiteness | ˈwʌɪtnəs | noun [mass noun] 1 the property or quality of being white in colour: a landscape dominated by the whiteness of snow. 2 the quality of being very pale: the whiteness of her skin, like fine porcelain. 3 the fact or state of belonging to a human group having light-coloured skin: whiteness was defined as both a racial, cultural and a regional characteristic.

The show features two collaborations:

1. Jewellery by Nhat-Vu Dang for GmbH

2. A “Free Palestine” t-shirt in collaboration with the queer Palestinian fashion label Trashy Clothing, based on their archival Palestine research. All proceeds from these designs will go to LGBTQ+ Palestinian groups.

All images courtesy of GMBH

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