(A) Crypsis Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Designer Profile

Yi Hung Chang is the creative director of (A) crypsis. After a wide range of experience in graphic design, buyers, advertising design, etc., he has been active as an agent for overseas brands. Established his own brand (A) clipsis in 2015.

(A) crypsis is a menswear label founded in 2015 by Yi Hung Chang. Incorporate various concepts such as abstraction, conflict, pride, and madness into clothing. The brand name comes from the one-eyed giant of the 50’s movie “The 7th Voyage of Simbad”. Focusing on manual work and originality, we value the initial impulses in fashion and express the slogan “My Life is My Life” with a beautiful and surprising design.

About 2022S / S Collection

This season, we will announce the on-schedule in Tokyo for the first time with Seivson, the company’s ladies’ line. At the same time, a new movie will be released. The movie, shot in the rainy city of Tokyo by a Japanese creative team, was created with the image of a society that was forced to stagnate due to the Corona disaster and the hope that lies ahead.

All images courtesy of (A)Crypsis

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