SISE Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

SISE will make a new start from 2022SS. 2022SS announced by designer Seishin Matsui with the intention of confronting the brand and growing a new brand. As I continued the brand for a long time, I became able to imagine the reaction after the collection was announced. The feeling that sprouted in that process was “what did you want to do when you launched the brand?” In order to dispel them, I went back to the starting point and enjoyed designing clothes as if I remembered my original intentions. We hope that you will see the world of the new “SISE”.

A care-free collection built with the image of the designer drawing lines freely. From 2022SS, we will grow a new brand again and make a new start. I faced myself and drew a design. The season when the designer himself enjoyed the process of creation, spending a huge amount of time selecting materials and colors.

“Innocent” x “insanity”

We propose luxe and eforless daily wear that is conscious of “designed simplicity”. A supple line created by delicate cutting, It expresses a real mode that enhances the appearance of the wearer by using sophisticated materials and coloring.

Photographer: Tomoaki Shimoyama

Stylist: Keisuke Shibahara

Hair & Make-up: Akemi Ezashi (mod ’s hair)

Art director: Junichi Arai (Righters)

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