De_Caffeine Homme Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

De_caffeine homme Tokyo collection 22S/S concept

The concept of 22S/S is “blur the boundaries” Continuing from last season, They continued to work combine clothes from different categories into one. By disassembling and rearranging various clothes such as formal jackets and slacks, shirts and shorts, denim shirts and denim pants, and T-shirts and shorts, They focused on leaving only the strengths of the design. The jacket jumpsuits based on a formal shape closely adhere to the body and show a slim body line, unlike those based on ready-made mobility. A jumpsuit made of one material makes the silhouette stand out even more. As for the material, They used stripes, dots, and kitsch heart point patterns on the overall metallic point material and formal suit fabric.

The concept of the show is the passengers on the plane as shown in the video. They wear a variety of costumes depending on the purpose of the trip. This show shows our positive future as we move out of the corona virus and into the world.

All images courtesy of De_Caffeine Homme

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